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File size images limited to 4096?

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Michael North
File size images limited to 4096?
on Sep 13, 2008 at 3:53:32 am

I tried to use a large panorama, created from tiling multiple shots, taken with my Nikon SLR.
I was totally stunned when a dialog box popped up, stating that the image exceeded the allowable size and would be reduced to 4096 ... what!??

I've only had Studio 2 for a few days ...
But I was hoping that the FCP/Motion combination would make After Effects superfluous ...
... but that doesn't look like it's going to happen ...

As it turned out, I ended up using Lightwave.
I couldn't get enough resolution out of Motion.
and I couldn't get the camera and camera-target controls to work smoothly enough in After Effects

Because the things I do in Lightwave are so simple (images on cards)
I was hoping to start doing many of them in a motion graphics program.
But if the largest element is restricted to 4096 ...

Is there (I hope) something I'm not understanding?
Does Motion just need way more memory? (I'm using 6 gigs)
... a work-a-round maybe?

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Michael North
Re: File size - images limited to 4096?
on Sep 14, 2008 at 4:50:33 pm

Here is the exact quote from the dialog box:

"This media is too large to render at full resolution, and will be shown at a lower quality.
The maximum size is 4096x4096"

The project itself will output at 1920x1080.
I only need that much of the back drop showing, at any one time.

I'm I miss reading this dialog box?
Can I get the full resolution (all the detail) of my panorama when I move the camera across it?

I'm running a three way test right now with Motion vs Aftereffects vs Lightwave.
Lightwave seems to be kicking everyones butt ... but
It's a -bunch- of extra steps, files and rendering time.

Motion is totally new to me ... so
I'm mostly thrashing around on it. Can't seem to get a camera-target.
And the perspective view seem to only give me -one- perspective

AfterEffects is an old friend ... but I've never used the
camera for 3D effects and can't seem to get a perspective view at all.

What I'm doing is very very simple.
I just want to move a 1920x1080 window/viewpoint
around a very large (16000x3000) panorama ...
But I need to squeeze every last bit of detail out of the large Photoshop file ...

OK ... I got that off my chest ... back to testing :)


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Bryan Banks
Re: File size - images limited to 4096?
on Sep 16, 2008 at 4:14:02 am

have you tried splicing the large photo into tiles and then arranging them inside Motion and doing each of the moves with the camera inside Motion?


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Michael North
Re: File size - images limited to 4096?
on Sep 17, 2008 at 2:32:15 am

Yea ... as it turned out:
A couple of days ago, I did -just that- in AfterEffects with an extremely large 360
that was too big for even Photoshop.
I thought for sure that I would get seams that would prove impossible to work around.
But ... to my surprise ... I was able to piece them (and keep them) perfectly together.
So ... today I went back to the Motion Project I'd been testing with and split the panorama, that Motion had been objecting about, into three pieces of 4000px. And sure enough, I was also able to put them back together seamlessly ...
The output looks great.

The more time I spend in Motion the more I like it ...
I'm starting to feel at home with the "Way" of the program.
But I'm also starting to get the feeling that it really wants about 20 gigs of ram :o)

Thanks for the reply

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