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Exporting to Standard DVD

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Exporting to Standard DVD
on Nov 30, 2007 at 12:04:55 am

I am having the hardest time trying to figure out how I can get a Motion 3 Project to to look as crisp as it should on a dvd.

I am exporting a .motn file into a FCP 6 time line. The sequence settings in both programs are identical. I am then using Compressor with the DVD Best 90 min setting to input the final product into DVD Studio Pro to burn to a standard DVD-r. Now after all of that it looks ok from far away but if you sit right at the monitor you can tell its pixelated.

This project is in 16:9 because I want to have the flexibility to watch it on a wide screen tv.

Now I notice two things...if I try to export as a quicktime movie from FCP it looks perfect. So I know I have to be doing something wrong in Compressor or DVD Studio Pro. Also, I notice that after I am done in Compressor it shrinks my motion project to 720x480. Could DVD Studio Pro be taking that file and trying to blow it up, thus making it pixelated? Is there something that I can do in Compressor that will allow me to compress my project at its native size and not be an incompatible format for DVD Studio Pro?

Sorry for being long winded....just really frustrated that I can't create a nice clean motion project and then view a clean unpixelated version on a dvd.

Any help would be great...thanks!

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Kevin Hamm
Re: Exporting to Standard DVD
on Dec 7, 2007 at 7:40:08 am

Ok, a couple of quick questions for you to help find an answer:

1) you say "standard DVD" which is 720x480. So if you're motion project is set to that, you aren't losing anything there. Are you sure you're having an issue with your resolutions?

2) you say it's in 16x9 - that means you're losing some of that 480 height, and are probably cutting out 20% or so, so you're really at about 384 pixels in height. If you are higher than that, you aren't putting out a standard DVD.

3) you're using the standard compressor setting for a 90 minute movie - how long is your movie?

4) compressor settings are great suggestions, but have you tried setting the compression yourself? You can adjust quite a bit, but do avoid going too high with the peak settings as that can cause a regular DVD player to crap out on ya.

My only other suggestion is that you might want to just try the background default rendering in DVD studio pro - sometimes it works quite well, but it's, again, not perfect.

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