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Clips shifted about 20 pixels to the left?

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Paul Skidmore
Clips shifted about 20 pixels to the left?
on Dec 8, 2005 at 6:00:29 pm

I'm doing the opening of a DVD, and this is essentially the opening titles sort of. It consists of a bunch of pictures and video shrunk down and moving horizontally and such across the main logo.. very stock corporate type opening.

For some reason, and it wasn't doing this initially, it has started shifting all the clips to the left, wrapping the video around on the right side so that the extreme left edge (20 pixels or so) of the video or still image appears on the right side of the clip. The bounding box does not shift, the image shifts within the bounding box.

I have applied the motion and resizing to the clips using keyframes rather than behaviors. Luckily (since this project is overdue as it is) I have found a workaround by cropping in on the right side to cover it up... or in the case of transparent titles done in Photoshop, increasing the transparent space around the logo, so that what gets wrapped around is transparency. So again, I can work around it for this project, but I would like to resolve this issue for future projects where cropping may not be an option, or exact placement is essential.

I have some very large photoshop logos in use for the duration of the render, though in the background. They are very large, and I would like to keep them that way since the beginning consists of a fly-in fly by type thing, and I want to maintain res, but the guassian blur on one of them exceeds the 2048 by 2048 dealy, but once it pulls into focus, everything is within that limit. I mention this because I didn't know if something it was doing to compensate for the extremely large clip might be affecting all the clips in the timeline (esp those playing on top of it)? I don't know.

Just for the record, I'm an AE and a PC guy, but I'm very familiar with Mac and a big FCP fan, but I'm really struggling to "Think Differently" with Motion. I am currently using a machine running Motion 2.0.1 on a G5 dual 2.7G with 2.5G of RAM.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Jim Kanter
Re: Clips shifted about 20 pixels to the left?
on Dec 9, 2005 at 4:18:03 am

Sounds like an offset has been applied to the pixels.

Jim Kanter,
Digital Film Institute

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Re: Clips shifted about 20 pixels to the left?
on Dec 9, 2005 at 6:55:03 am

Hey Paul,

It sounds like you might be getting an offset from exceeding the max texture size of your card. You can probably compensate by using Fixed Resolution. If that's the case, then this is one of those situations where you'd benefit by having a better understanding of what's going on. There's an article here (be sure to read both pages) that covers it:

Good luck!

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