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Apply EQ to a selection, but soften the transitions?

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Dustin Bowser
Apply EQ to a selection, but soften the transitions?
on Apr 12, 2015 at 11:08:16 pm

I've got an impact sound effect that I like the sound of, except I'm looking to soften the sharpness on the actual transient of the impact moment. What I would like to do, is just select that little section and do just a bit of High End roll off to dull it down a bit. The problem is, I don't want to sharp cutoff between EQ and NonEQ within my selection. Is there a way to soften the selection that you're applying the effect to? Or is there a better way to do this kind of thing in Audition?

Don't necessarily take my example of trying to soften this transient super literally and tell me to limit it or compress it, because I've been looking for a way to do this sort of "paint effects" kind of thing for other sounds as well, so I'd love to figure out the technique within Audition.

Perhaps it's just a matter of doing it as a multitrack comp, and have one track with the section eq'd and the other with it not and just crossfade/mix the two...

Thanks for any insight!

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Chris Wright
Re: Apply EQ to a selection, but soften the transitions?
on Apr 13, 2015 at 1:47:59 am

Start with a 10 point parametric eq to isolate the freq. keep the curve smooth like a gradual curve.

Any kind of distortion or reverb with just the selection should be no problem. I'd recommend studio reverb. You can pick the frequency range with wet gate to blend it it.

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Simon Billington
Re: Apply EQ to a selection, but soften the transitions?
on May 12, 2015 at 12:40:34 pm

There's two ways I can think of currently to do what you want to achieve.

First way
- The first way is to splice the section of audio around the area you want to affect, disconnect it from the video if you have to.
- Apply the eq effect to the part of audio that concerns you, roll off the highs and/or use a band to subtract the frequency content you want
- Either use an audio cross-fade transition or physically cross-fade between the effected an u effected regions. The type of crossfade that is usually ideal here is a logarithmic one.
- Adjust the edit points and the fades until it sounds smooth.

Second way
Use a tool like a transient enhancer to automatically reduce any harsh transients.

Can't remember if Audition has one.

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