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Alan Flint
Effects Rack - Adobe Audition CC - Advice Please
on Jan 20, 2015 at 10:56:57 pm


I have been using Adobe Audition 3 for some time, mainly to edit audio files of sermons from our church, to then upload to the Internet. About 2 1/2 weeks ago I downloaded the trial version of Adobe Audition CC, and I am minded to subscribe to the service.

Our main speaker at the church has quite a powerful projection with his voice, but the problem I often find is when he ranges from strong to very soft in his expressions. I am aware of effects like speech leveller, and use of compressors to try and balance the levels, but my main reason for seeking assistance is to see if anyone can advise me which combination of effects would best suit our case.

His natural voice produces a lot of sibilance, and I have been trying to work out which setting in Audition's native DeEsser would help with that.

We use one pulpit mic (an Audio Technica ATM33a Cardioid Condenser Mic), and a separate lapel mic for when he addresses the children, for which he comes down from the pulpit.

So, as I say, my question is which effects would best comprise the effects rack given the above scenario, and would the order of effects in the rack make any difference? Also, any suggestions for settings would be useful.

If it helps I would be happy to clarify any aspect of the above should any of you desire it.



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Chris Wright
Re: Effects Rack - Adobe Audition CC - Advice Please
on Jan 26, 2015 at 2:43:05 am
Last Edited By Chris Wright on Jan 26, 2015 at 3:00:07 am

my opinion:
first get a foam cover for the mic if he hits hard consonants.

"ranges from strong to very soft"
from your description, a multiband compressor should work perfectly. just make sure it is second to last in the chain.
first comes 10 band parametric equalizer to remove the excessive low end around 150hz and high end air conditioning.
then de-esser noise remover the sibilance and denoise pops like a bad record if he clips.
then multiband compressor focusing on the lower freqs from a booming voice.
finally, a RMS volume equalizer to round out the absolute volume changes across the whole speech so its radio/web/heaphone safe. -23db as floor should be good. talking should be around-10(+-5 compression), and not to exceed -1 headroom.

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