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Premiere Clip not Updating after Edit in Audition..?

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Grayson Wasteland
Premiere Clip not Updating after Edit in Audition..?
on Jul 3, 2014 at 8:27:57 pm

i use premiere and thought i would use the trial of audition to use that noise reduction feature on some of our footage. but had a question about it.

ill simplify the problem:
Say i have large raw video clip that i make 5 short subclips from.
Then i edit those 5 subclips and arrange them into my timeline.
This timeline video sequence then gets approved, so i want to start tightening up the audio.
I want to open the large raw video clip's audio in audition to take out the noise, so I right click the clip and "edit in audition > clip".
Then i use your instructions to get out the noise and it sounds like I want it, so i save the file...

The sound still has noise when I play that same raw video clip in Premiere. I watched a tutorial on youtube that says it can take some time to update but I really don't think that its doing anything at all at this point.
The video I saw on youtube demonstrated editing a clip inside the Premiere project Timeline. I think this is why mine isn't working; I am just wanting to edit a raw video clip that isn't in the timeline.
I do have those 5 short subclips in the timeline and I tried to edit one of those in Premiere, but then I realized those subclips are so short that there is no large silent area to grab a noise print from. I need to edit that large raw clip and have it effect those subclips in my timeline. It seems like once I get that new cleaned up audio updated to that raw video clip, it would automatically update the subclips because they are simply just slices of the same file.

I think the problem is that when you move a video clip to the timeline, Premiere breaks the file apart, visually, into audio and video. It is then easy to modify that audio. But i am wanting to edit audio of a video clip that is just in my project folder, just sitting there as one complete contained file. It seems like surely there is a way to update that video clip with the new clean audio!
It also seems that my workflow would be the standard way of doing this: making a rough cut, getting approval, then clean up the raw audio which in turn cleans up all the little subclips (versus manually cleaning up the audio of each sub clip, which by the way, wouldn't work because there isn't enough silence)…

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