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Breathing noise and how to reduce it

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Breathing noise and how to reduce it
on Nov 7, 2011 at 4:23:44 am

Hi All:

Finally got the dream job. Took me 30 years, but I am in charge of creating podcasts and video assets for a large training company. I have the aptitude, the talent and the drive, but am having to ramp up on the tech stuff in a hurry!

I've been using Audacity for the first few podcasts. We have yet to release them. But, I am hearing the breaths that I take in (inhalations) and I am spending a gob of time removing them by listening, selecting, and hitting the silence key (hot keyed to the . key).

I know the DeEsser is suppose to help, but what I find is that not all breaths are reduced, and I get a hollow sound for the rest of the audio. Plus, if I select one section where there is an obvious breath inhale, not all the others are of the same frequency or signature, so I still hear it in other areas.

What I have been doing is recording the audio, playing it back and listening for the breaths, and selecting them- hitting "silence" and moving on. This leaves a flat "sound off" sound that is better than the breathing, but noticeable. So is there a way to remove the inhalation sound and apply that to the whole recording?

So, how to the big boys do it? I am seeing such power in the Audition program, but not finding a lot of dedicated instruction just on Audition. It seems the lion share of info is on the Premiere Pro side of the package. I need to be an audio tech and have no local assistance to mentor me!


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Steven Talley
Re: Breathing noise and how to reduce it
on Nov 7, 2011 at 10:27:58 pm

If everyone's audio is on separate channels you can try using a software gate/compressor on each track and the gate can be set to a threshold above the breath level keep the channel silent until the person speaks. Tweaking will need to be done for each channel.

Another software to consider using is called Levelator. It will even out the recording level over the length of the audio track. For speech only and it's FREE to use.

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