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"HUGE" problem with Soundbooth CS5

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Tim Parsons
"HUGE" problem with Soundbooth CS5
on Oct 4, 2011 at 6:08:28 pm

Ok, I have a problem with Soundbooth .asnd files, and to get the most accurate report of the problem, you need to know my entire workflow and complete technical specs.

I am editing a wedding video, and I have eight audio resources. Two are standard wave audio files ripped from a CD recording of the in-house audio system (piano/singer/minister microphones mixed live-to-CD, 1411 kbps, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit). The other six resource files are standard wave files that I extracted from the various video elements of the wedding (extracted waves are all 1536kbps, 48 kHz, 16 bit).

Four of the video extracts are 10-15 minutes long (<175Mb each), two are 28 and 32 minutes long (300-350 Mb each), and the CD audio are 3 and 23 minutes long (31 and 230 Mb each).

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit, AMD Turion II P540 Dual Core, 2.40 GHz, 4Gb RAM installed (3.74 usable), and I think the video/graphics is integrated. I am using Adobe Soundbooth CS5

I import the extracts and CD audio only (NOT the original videos or anything else erroneous), and begin my editing. After cuts and copies in a multi-track session, I end up with 30 individual elements, all derived from those original eight resources. Some cuts are as short as one or two seconds, others over 10 minutes. I have run "reduce peaks only," basic volume correction, (sometimes more "reduce peaks only,") noise reduction, and numerous "auto-heal" operations throughout the entire project, on every clip. Some clips needed more work than others.

The reason why I am editing the audio first instead of running a "render and replace" from Premiere is that the wedding audio needs such vastly different audio editing processes throughout the video, and these differences may not match up with my editing cuts in Premiere.

So here are my problems:

1) it takes a loooong time to apply "reduce peaks only" and noise reduction effects (upwards of a minute and a half) even on the tiny two-second clips.

2) it takes FOREVER to save and open the .asnd multitrack project file (over 15 minutes. closer to 20).

3) the .asnd multitrack project file is over 14Gb!!!! the odd part is, I saved an early version of the project in which i had all eight original full-length resources, and it was under 3Gb. It seems the more I cut and apply effects, the more the file size grows! I have even unchecked the metadata option in preferences>metadata, and "cleaned" the project and deleted erroneous files, as found in preferences>media.

My question: Is the reason it's so big (and therefore slow) because it is creating full-length copies of the original resources and embedding them in the project file? If that is the case, how do I save it in a way that merely links or references the original audio???

I realize my system specs may be slowing things down a bit, but i've worked on smaller projects that did not lag at all. I think the .asnd project file and how it's packed are what are causing my size/speed problems.

Please help! I have found that my Adobe workflow is very efficient, but may be impractical because of the massive hard drive space required. This is my second project using Soundbooth in my workflow, and the files seem to be getting only bigger!!!

What say you?

Tim Parsons

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