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Adding a "sustain ending" to a music track

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steve edmonds
Adding a "sustain ending" to a music track
on Jan 11, 2011 at 1:34:09 pm

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help....
I am editing broadcast programming on Premiere Pro CS5, with access to Soundbooth.
I have had many occassions where instead of just fading the music track audio at the end of my piece I'd like to add a false ending by creating a "sustain ending"(which grabs and repeats the last couple of chords).
Does anyone know if this is possible in either Premiere or Soundbooth and if so how it's done?
Many thanks.

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Rob Neidig
Re: Adding a "sustain ending" to a music track
on Jan 11, 2011 at 5:47:39 pm


The "grab" part is easy. Just select the part you want to duplicate and copy, then paste onto the end. The tough part is the "sustain". The best you can hope for in a situation like that is to take the last part that you want to "sustain" and apply reverb to it. That's not really a sustain, but just a hit with a reverb tail. If that works, great, but there really is no good way to make a chord sustain longer than it is. The very nature of it means that the chord is played, and immediately begins to fade down in volume. If you can grab a bit of it where the volume is consistent and keep pasting that into the middle of the chord to get it to hang on longer before starting to fade, that can work, but it is very hard to make that sound natural. Depending on how the chords were played (choppy vs. long sweep of pick across strings, for instance, not the actual notes or anything), then using a time stretch effect might help. Stretch the chord out and then fade it gradually away.

Hope this helps at all. Without hearing what you're working with it's hard to say for sure, but doing this kind of thing is usually tough. Much easier to replace the ending with a new one (i.e. re-recording), or copy it from somewhere else in the piece, if such a thing exists.

Have fun!


Rob Neidig
R&R Media Productions
Eugene, Oregon

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