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Exporting audio from CS3 to mixdown in Audition

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steve reynolds
Exporting audio from CS3 to mixdown in Audition
on Apr 6, 2010 at 8:15:38 am

Hi All

I've just finished a short film editing in premiere CS3. Aiming to create a good soundmix. Ideally i want to export the audio as somesort of OMF type media (it seems CS3 doesn't do OMF's but CS4 does but i reverted to CS3 becuase of the buggy issues with CS4) with all of the clips on different tracks and the video, so i can sync it up in adobe audition and get on with the mixdown.

Am I talking rubbish or is there a way to do this. any help really appreciated

Thank you

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Paul Hennell
Re: Exporting audio from CS3 to mixdown in Audition
on May 5, 2010 at 1:21:34 pm

I'm hardly an expert here but I've done a Premiere Pro CS3 to Audition (and back) work-flow a couple of times and the best I've come up with is as follows:

Export each audio track from premiere as a wav. This will take a little organization; obviously you can't mix between anything on the same track so you'll need to move sequential audio (that you want to mix between) onto separate tracks and extend them so the audio overlaps.

Make sure you export the entire time-line for each track, and if you've got a bunch of clips/audio things that are all going to need the same treatment (i.e. A constant buzz in some shots that needs removing or a reverb effect for a specific scene) put them on the same track (or 2 unique track if they also need mixing between).

Then import these wavs into Audition and layer them in in mix view. They should all be the same length and sound how they did in Premiere. Use Ctrl+K to split the files where it's silent and you'll have your clips in the right places ready to be edited. For decent sync you'll want to import a copy of the video to use on the video track and set the timeline counter to 'frames'. Where you're fading between clips add some markers to show the exact frame where the scene changes.

After adding effects, cleaning noise etc etc It can sometimes be handy to export out via two buses "Clips" and "Music" to get two wavs to import back into Premiere. That's not usually necessary but it gives you an easier tweaking ability in case you want to change the levels a little after previewing and rendering the final file.

It's not the easiest method one could have, but it's not that hard to do and provides a good amount of control. Good luck!

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