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TIME STRETCH conundrum! please HELP!

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jennifer young
TIME STRETCH conundrum! please HELP!
on Apr 21, 2009 at 6:38:26 am

i want to slow down only a section of this music i have,
so when select that section and edit by going through this scenario;
effects->time and pitch->stretch->time stretch,
it works.


the slowed down section of music which i just editted,
WRITES OVER onto the rest of the music?? which is making my life a living hell after endless tries of rebooting, changing the music file, trying again and again yet never succeeding?!?!?

anyways, for those who dont understand what im saying
suppose this song goes like "do re mi fa sol la"
and i want "do re mi" to play slower (i.e. dooo reee miii)

so i edit the section(do re me) of the music and it works,
but it over writes and messes up the next part of music which should not be effected wotsoever,
i.e.: "dooo reee miii la" so that 'fa sol' phrase is sort of deleted and written over by the newly editted section?

WOW that explanation just seems to make the whole thing even less understandable but anyways

thank you so much whoever thats out there to help
i will be so grateful for your help and you are a lifesaver

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Jerimiah Busniak
Re: TIME STRETCH conundrum! please HELP!
on Apr 29, 2009 at 2:28:19 am


What I'd personally do, is take the entire music clip into the multitrack view, and split the clip so that you have three sections... the music before you want it slowed down, the part you want slowed down, and the music after the slowed down part.

Create uniqe copies of these 3 clips (right click on them), and then slow down your middle clip the way you want it (dooo riii meee, haha). Arrange the clips in the multitrack view so it's all lined up and sounds good, and create a mixdown!

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