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How to get an audience of 10.000 to sing along with me

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Pilsner Kanter
How to get an audience of 10.000 to sing along with me
on Feb 13, 2008 at 2:58:59 pm

I want simulate in Audition that an audience of 10.000 is singing along with me while I play my song.
I have recorded the song in my homestudio but I want my song to sound like i am playing it live.
I have heard this done once in a comedy show on the radio - so I know that it can be done very convincing .

Of course I only want the track with my voice dublicated 10.000 times. Not the music

How do I do this? I read the following in the Manual but dont understand it. Can anybody translate in detail for a newbee - or anybody know
of a tutorial that eksplain this step by step.

From the Manual:

>Use convolution to sustain a sound for any length of time. For example, the sound of a person singing aaaaaah for one second can be turned into thousands of people singing aaaaaah for any length of time by using dynamically expanded white noise.Also, to send any portion of an unprocessed, dry signal back out, simply add a full spectrumecho at 0 milliseconds. The Left and Right volume percentages are the resulting volume of the dry signal in the left and right channels.<

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Darren Edwards
Re: How to get an audience of 10.000 to sing along with me
on Feb 18, 2008 at 1:47:31 pm

Lots of little ways to fake it with one voice, but you won't be
satisfied with any of them unless you use more than one voice.
Five, six, seven people/voices will add texture and make it
more authentic sounding. You don't even need them in the
room at the same time - grab a minidisc player (for example)
and something for playback and have a laugh getting your
friends to take turns singing a few lines. Just remember
to get them to do it at an arena-loud level. :)

If this isn't possible, do an online request and send
budding vocalists the mp3 clip to sing along to. You might
end up with hundreds to choose from?


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