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Analog Timecode

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Analog Timecode
on May 23, 2007 at 8:58:23 pm

Hi - please forgive me in advance if this is a stupid question.

I have an editing project that needs the audio sent to a big audio house for ADR & VO's. I edit (at work) in Premiere and use Audition to do a lot of audio adjustments. I have been asked to send an analog timecode on one of my tracks, so that their Pro Tools system will track and follow everything.

I have an old school Layla 20 with BOB that I use for my sound card. Along with the 8 in/8 out 1/4" connections, it has midi (in,out,thru) word clock (in,out) and spdif (in,out).

I also have an old MOTU midi timepiece II which I just got (to use as a midi patch bay) but it has no manual. It has smpte (1/4" jack in/out) and midi (duh) on it. MOTU has absolutely no manuals for there old products :( but I thought I read somewhere it can convert midi to smpte and vise versa

Is it possible to run a (smpte) midi siginal out of my layla and into the MOTU - which can send a signal out through the 1/4" smpte connection, and then recorded by one of my 1/4" connections on my Layla - as an audio track in Audition?

If not - what would you suggest in order to record an analog timecode? I saw an old product by midiman called the mac syncman which mentioned converting midi to smpte as well as being able to generate a smpte stripe.

I have no idea about any of this :(

Many thanks for any help or advice!

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Re: Analog Timecode
on May 25, 2007 at 1:21:28 pm

Anyone? Bueller?

Maybe analog timecode is as much a mystery to everyone in this forum as it is to me :(

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Bouke Vahl
Re: Analog Timecode
on Jun 28, 2007 at 9:37:25 pm

analog timecode is just a stupid audio signal.
If you can create it digital, fine. Just use it.
If you have a hardware box, let it run and record it...
If it sounds ugly, it's probably allright :-)

(no idea why anyone wants it, if you give them a file with a start/end beep and the proper timebase, any sound workstation can link to it... Mind you, i'm a TC GEEK and develop a lot of TC products, but this is not a biggy....)

smart tools for video pro's

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Ray Drueke
Re: Analog Timecode
on Apr 22, 2010 at 8:19:18 pm


Boy this is an old thread but its pertinent to what I'd like to do. I also just found and downloaded the RTltcGenerator from your web site.

I am starting to do 2 and 3 camera shoots of live music performances and I try to pay special attention to the audio by recording up to 16 channels of audio from the stage mics etc via mic splitters to a 24 trk hard disk recorder. So far I've been syncing all this by matching up the audio tracks from the hard disk recorder and the cams as best I can. I record video with miniDV tapes so I also have to load those into the video editor as well.

I currently use Premiere (Pro and Elements) and Audition as well as ProTools when necessary.

Somewhere I read that most video editors can recognize LTC in an audio track so I'm thinking I could get a LTC or TOD track onto each video cam and onto a track on the hard disk recorder and then use that to sync in post. I thought about using remote procedure calls to get 3 (or more) copies started, each on a laptop connected to a wireless LAN and also record the video to each laptop via HDsplit or something similar.

Would all this work? Is it possible that your software could become a callable sub routine or...

Does anyone know for sure that Premiere Pro (2.0) can recognize LTC or TOD in an audio track/

Other ideas or am I chasing a dead end?


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