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Questions on switching to Audition from Premiere

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Questions on switching to Audition from Premiere
on Dec 26, 2006 at 11:00:37 pm

Hi... I'm working on mixing a 90-minute audio drama [for fun, also for important practice!] and I've been running into some issues as I try to edit the audio in Premiere - major inconsistancies as I try to remove some background hiss (I won't go all into it; that's unrelated). I've never used audition before and before I plop down some Christmas money toward this...

-Is it easy to use and pick up? I've tried Audition 1.5 before and either I didn't put in enough time or it was god awful because I couldn't get *anything* out of that program and that's about when I started just doing my audio editing in Premiere...

-Is it similar to Premiere 2.0?

-I've spent like... 30 hours cutting apart about 9 hours of raw audio into takes and then creating a seperate timeline for each scene (there's about 70 scenes) - will Audition open this file in one way or another and still incorporate all my seperate timeline files? There's no way I'm going to start over here...

-Is there anything else I should be asking? I've got the order complete and ready to go in an online shopping cart complete with the Adobe Classroom-in-a-Book on Audition...

thanks in advance...

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willie toth
Re: Questions on switching to Audition from Premiere
on Dec 27, 2006 at 12:02:16 am

Pre Pro and Audition are very compatible ... My workflow is as

1. Capture and edit sequence, (Which you have done)

2. Export just the audio

3. This really is an important step and sounds involved but
really isn't ... I import the audio track into the
session side, then I clean up what I need to on the
edit side, bring it back, copy, or bounce it by
highlighting it and move my cursor to the next track down and
repeat to track 3 then I remove the original mixdown so
I have it if I need it at some other time

4. Now I take track 2 into the edit side and delete the
bottom or right wave leaving just the left bring it back
to the session side, highlight and mix it down to track
1 as a mono wave file ... I then repeat this for the
copy in track 3 only you delete the left track and
mix it down to track 2 as a mono file ...

5. Now pan the left -35 and the right 35, mixdown and
hardlimit to -1db, save and import it back into Pre Pro
and replace to old audio with this file, it sounds involved like
I said but really isn't and you will be lovin how good it
sounds ...

I would use 1.5 over 2.0, 2.0 has issues ......... WILLIE

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willie toth
Re: Questions on switching to Audition from Premiere
on Dec 27, 2006 at 12:19:30 am

To bounce you have to right click and you will get a drop down window with differnt options ... sequence of mixdowns goes as follows ...

With track one highlighted move mouse to track two right click mixdown to track > selected audio tracks

Repeat on track three with track one still highlighted


After you have deleted just the bottom track by taking it into the edit side moving your mouse and highlighting the bottom track then go to effects > amplfy > amplfy > -97db ... Save this setting as 0db in your presets ... Back in the session side highlight track two move the mouse to track one right click and go to mix down > selected audio mono and then remove track two

Repeat this for track 3 only delet the top track and bounce it to track two then -35 pan on track one and +35 on track two ... If you have any questions write back and I will try and answer them ...


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