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Dustin Barrons
Audio Workflow
on Dec 19, 2006 at 1:51:05 am

I was curious if anyone had any ideas on various type double system audio workflows for digital video. I currently have an old ADAT blackface I use when shooting shorts, then sync using a clapboard. Nothing too fancy. However, I would like to think about purchasing a porta-DAT eventually, and was curious on any suggestions you may have about a workflow.


1. Initial syncing to digital video. Also, what about monitoring for various people on set. One of the reasons I like the rackmountable ADAT is that I can send signals out to a headphone monitor and also back to playback (which, I would like to use DVRACK eventually for audio and video on-set playback). The only current disadvantage is ADAT's quality loss and the fact that I must haul 4000 pounds of audio equipment on every shoot (which isn't necessarily a problem... I never really liked my back anyways :).

2. Bringing of audio into a home editing system (hardware, I hear MOTU and Digidesign make pretty good firewire hardware... also, what hardware could accept multi-track ADAT and DAT if necessary)

3. Various softwares I could use to work with video and how the workflow would work in post (I currently am using Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0 for video (yes, I know, I need to upgrade to 2 :) and was wondering how Adobe Audition was. I've used Cakewalk and Cubase way back in the day, but nothing for video) ... (as far as post workflow, should I sync audio in Premiere, then export out to an audio program for sweetening and mixdown, or what?)

4. What about working with 5.1, how does the software flow work in that respect?

5. Lastly, any other suggestions... like, should I purchase a good set of monitors? What hardware would support that.

I am on a somewhat tight budget and am not looking to completely revamp my house into a studio. Nor do I think going to a audio post-house for mixdown on every short I do to be a good idea (unless I hit the lottery, of course). Just some suggestions on what I could possibly do to make my audio mixes better. Perhaps I could buy a little piece at a time.... hmmmmm....


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willie toth
Re: Audio Workflow
on Dec 19, 2006 at 2:30:14 pm


1. Initial syncing to digital video

There are a lot of better portable units out there than ADAT,
but the mere mention of ADAT did bring a smile to my face of
fond memories, thanks ... Do you have a laptop if so you can go
with a firewire unit and record directly to the laptop using
Audition ... I have a friend who uses this unit and swears by
it ...

Personally because I do a fishing program and space is very
limited I just use wireless and plug them directly into the
camcorders ... I have an Panasonic AG-DVC 30 with the external
mic pre and it's a great setup for my application ... If I need
more than 2 mic's I plug them into my B cam and all of a sudden
my 4000 pounds went down to a fraction of that and I get great
audio as well, just need to tweak a bit in Audition ...

2. Bringing of audio into a home editing system

The firepod can work for this application also but if you use a
laptop on location you don't have the transfer loss that you
talked of earlier ...

3. Various softwares I could use to work with video

Pre Pro and Audition are very compatible ... My workflow is as
1. Capture and edit sequence
2. Export audio, (you are one of the first that has posted
that does does this step, Kudos to you)
3. This really is an important step and sounds involved but
really isn't ... I import the audio track into the
session side ... then I clean up what I need to on the
edit side, bring it back, copy, or bounce it by
highlighting it and move my cursor to the next track and
repeat to track 3 then I remove the original mixdown so
I have it if I need it at some other time
4. Now I take track 2 into the edit side and delete to
bottom or right wave leaving just the left bring it back
to the session side, highlight and mix it down to track
1 as a mono wave file ... I then repeat this for the
copy in track 3 only you delete the left left track and
mix it down to track 2 as a mono file ...
5. Now pan the left -35 and the right 35, mixdown and
hardlimit to -1db, save and import it back into Pre Pro
and replace to old audio
with this file, it sounds involved like I said but really
isn't and you will be lovin how good it sounds ...

4. What about working with 5.1

Audition has a multi-channel encoder in the program ... On
the session side go to VIEW > MULTI-CHANNEL ENCODER ...

5. Lastly, any other suggestions... like, should I purchase a
good set of monitors?

Absolutely!!!!! Today there are a ton of powered monitors
out there I use the Events and I love them, but they come
in all kinds of price ranges to fit your pocketbook ...

Hope this helps, Oh by the way if you don't have a DUAL PROCESSOR in your computer don't go with 2.0, Audition 2.0 kind of sucks also 1.5 is the bomb ... E-mail me at I have some other suggestions that may help ............ WILLIE

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