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In need of basic mixer routing information

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In need of basic mixer routing information
on Jul 31, 2006 at 5:52:30 am

I have had Audition for two months and have read several books on audio post (including Using Audition and the Post Production for Audio book by Jay Rose). Since I am new to audio I am not getting some of the very basics of routing, sends, inserts, etc.

I can't find any information that describes, "for dummies," how to set this stuff up.

So, my first question would be, can someone point me to a book or online resource that spells this type of information out?

Failing that could someone explain how to set up the mixer so, for example, you send channel one through an effects "bus" and then output to another channel, say channel two. Everytime I set something up so it seems it should work when I hit record the channel "2" records silence. Am I approaching this all wrong?

Any and all help would be most appreaciated, I feel completly clueless and stupid.


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willie toth
Re: In need of basic mixer routing information
on Jul 31, 2006 at 8:50:56 am

Here is my set up ...

INST OR MIC > COMPRESSOR, LIMITOR AND OR TUBE PRE > TO BOARD > MAIN OUTS TO STUDIO MONITORS > CONTROLL ROOM OR AUX OUT TO COMPUTER ... I would recogmend recording everything dry unless you have an effects box on your electric you want to use ... Make sure that your outputs on Addition are set the same .......... WILLIE

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Re: In need of basic mixer routing information
on Jul 31, 2006 at 4:30:16 pm

are you talking analog outboard mixer? or are you talking about within the program?

if you are talking about an outboard piece of equipment, please let us know what your soundcard is (if it is anything other than the one that came installed in your computer), the mixer, and the outboard effects.

if you are talking about within the program, i would do this:

take track 1. lets say its a vocal, and you want an effect on it.
you can
A: use the effects sends and apply the amount you want
B1: (if youre really set on having a clean vocal (track 1) and an effected vocal (track 2) to mess with, you can copy the track 1 .wav to track 2, put whatever effect you want on it, and then youre all set!
B2: solo track 1, click the effects send, put the effect you want on it. lock it. click edit>mixdown selected track (it will put it in the next empty track), then remove the effect from track 1.

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