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Html5 and XHtML + security form

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Christopher Key
Html5 and XHtML + security form
on May 29, 2013 at 6:09:52 pm

Im using a template generator from Project seven to make web pages. I like the design but the plug -in creates XHTML pages and what I'm wondering is if I can embed HTML 5 videos into this type of page and will they work? Does the XHTML: declaration in the header conflict?

My other question is, I'd like to use my website to promote various projects in development - both screenplays and business possibilities, and I'd like to create a form where prior to viewing a person would have to fill out some sort of non-disclosure agreement and verify their email... Can anyone point me to info on how to do this to protect my intellectual property? I need to get others involved for many of these projects to happen but want to reduce the risk of theft.

Thanks in advance!

Christopher Key

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Curtis Thompson
Re: Html5 and XHtML + security form
on Jul 2, 2013 at 9:18:06 pm


well - you can embed videos in html5 using a variety of techniques and libraries. in xhtml, you could use the object tag to embed videos from youtube and places like that, though...have you tried that?

as for your form - there are a lot of ways to go about that. in theory, what you'd have would be a db of sorts that had an account entry per submission. it'd have fields like:

- name
- email
- signed_nda (T|F)
- validated (T|F)

and whatever else you wanted to collect. and then in your form, you'd have your non-disclosure agreement in a textbox or scrolling div with a checkbox that says "ya i agree to this." then when they submitted the form, you'd put an entry in that had "validated" set to "F". you'd auto-generate an email to the address they provided and then send it to them with a link to a page that validated an account - so something like[EMAIL]. then when they got the email and clicked that link, that page would look up that account by that email and toggle validated to "T" and they'd be validated. at that point you could link them to stuff that you didn't want them to see prior to that.

you could use a db system or just a flat file with delimited entries to do that db portion. any server side scripting language would work for the processing part...depending what you had available to you.

does that answer your question?


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