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website design for selling/downloading short videos

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Pattie Olson
website design for selling/downloading short videos
on Oct 22, 2012 at 11:13:09 pm

I am a videographer that sells 2 DVDs from my website. I looked at my analytics on my YT channel that has three of my videos displayed and over 70% of views are from mobile devices. I will soon be selling the individual music videos from each DVD from my website as a download using Payloads.

My question is: How do I re-build my website so it works properly on mobile devices?

I use a webdesign software called Xara and it is hosted by IPower.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

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Matt Geier
Re: website design for selling/downloading short videos
on Oct 23, 2012 at 4:07:17 pm

Hi Pattie,

To design for mobile, is much like designing for the web browser on your monitor in context.

You should designate a "mobile" site, and your current website serves as your "standard" site. (mobile = mobile devices, standard = everything on a regular monitor).

You'll notice nowadays, that a lot of places you go to on your smart phone or another device point you to "the mobile" version of that website or company you go to visit.

You'll need to have a design that matches widths of the screen real estate on the mobile devices (it's a lot less then what your monitor gives you), and also have a site that supports the mobile platform properly (for example you won't want super big downloads, because data will likely be transferred over a mobile network, and that's going to be slower then if you were connected to your Ethernet cable or Wireless Internet at home). Another example is that some mobile devices don't support flash and other "web standards" that were designed for non mobile viewing.

Those are the kinds of things to keep in mind. There's quite a few things to think about.

I'm sure someone else will chime in as well.

Thanks for posting. Send me a friend request if you like and we can connect offline if you are interested in more insights.

Matt G

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Pattie Olson
Re: website design for selling/downloading short videos
on Oct 24, 2012 at 2:18:00 am

Thanks for your response Matt!

I didn't realize I would need two different sites built. I thought that if a site was built with mobile in mind, then it would cover the needs of both the regular computer and the mobile devices. I understand that now.

So when I build a site, how do I direct a mobile user to the mobile site from the regular site? Do I put a link at the top that goes to the mobile friendly site? (Pardon my ignorance, but I don't have a mobile device for the internet. I'll stop by a store and ask to see a demo.)

My understanding is that Flash is not supported on anything mobile Mac related, correct? As a website designer, what file format do you suggest video files should be for viewing on a mobile device? I agree that the file size can't be too large, but since my vids are only 2.5 - 3 minutes and not HD, I think I can I can have a small size file, yet decent picture quality, at least for SD. Is .mov a good choice or do you have a better suggestion?

Thank you again for your explanation and time.


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Jonas Marsh
Re: website design for selling/downloading short videos
on Oct 26, 2012 at 9:02:25 am

I'm not pretty sure but you could try to design your website to be mobile friendly. That is what my friend did when he knew that most of his visitors come by mobile access.

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Robert Dulfer
Re: website design for selling/downloading short videos
on Oct 31, 2012 at 3:20:27 pm

You should actually make two websites since both media work completely different.

1) one for "normal use" for customers-vistors using PCs. This is the site you already have. It has the normal headers and footers and navigation and body text. Impossible to read or figure out easily on a mobile phone.

2) make one dedicated for your mobile visitors. This one should have minimal layout and navigation that is very easy to handle on a small screen. MOst important, it should fit all different types of mobile Operating Systems and of screen sizes. I now start trying to figure out how to work with fluid grids that automatically adapt my content and especially videos and images to exactly fit almost all screen sizes of most of the mobile phones.

As to the mobile site, it just is in a sub-folder under my main site (for example: /m). In this folder, I start again as if it was a root-level. That is, special css for mobile part, different images, smaller videos etc etc.

As example:
Czech friends normal

Czech friends video for mobile

I have not managed to make the video work on my phones, but I am getting there; that is a video problem, not a mobile website problem. When you write the URL in a mobile phone, you will get the alternate text (if you get the video, let me know with which phone).

You see the difference when opening both in a normal web browser. On both pages, right-click on the page and look at the source code. The normal page has a lot of coding there, the mobile one has almost nothing.

A good site for info on how to design websites and coding etc is I have posted there as well with this problem

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Re: website design for selling/downloading short videos
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