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Mixed Resolution Conform Suggestion

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George Bellias
Mixed Resolution Conform Suggestion
on Aug 3, 2015 at 5:12:33 am

I am starting a project where I will be online/finishing multiple sequences in Smoke and need a suggestion for the most efficient way to conform. The sequence is a mix of 1080 and 4K media, the delivery is 1080. The 1080 media in the offline cut is the hires media which is to be used in the online, the 4K media used in the offline was transcoded to 1080. Ideally, I would like to import the XML having Smoke link to all of the media (including the 1080 media transcoded from 4K), then unlink just the 4K clips and relink them to the original 4K sources.

When I bring the in the XML and have Smoke link to the media, it conforms everything perfectly. The problem is that I do not know how to unlink just the clips that were originally 4K so I can relink them to the original source. It seems that Smoke only allows me to unlink the entire timeline. Am I missing something?

The other option which does work is to bring in the XML without linking to anything, then manually relink everything which of course allows me to point the 4K transcoded clips to to the original 4K source. I tried this and it does work but seems inefficient since I am spending a lot of time relinking clips which I know Smoke can link to perfectly.

I hope I explained my scenario and confusion clearly. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


George Bellias
Jade Productions

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Grant Kay
Re: Mixed Resolution Conform Suggestion
on Aug 3, 2015 at 10:33:23 am

Hi George,

The XML will have the locations to the original media used in FCP. This means Smoke will use these paths first and link to the media.

In your case, you want to link to a different set of media. So you need to stop Smoke looking at the original file paths.

To do this when you are in the import window for the XML, go to the AAF and XML import options. Turn off LINK TO MEDIA.

When you import the sequence, it will be unlinked in all the segments.

In the Conform AREA, you will see the event list with missing media. Click the Match Criteria button and set it to conform using Tape and Source timecode. This is hoping that the 4k media matches the metadata of the 1080 media.

Now click SET SEARCH LOCATION. Navigate to the 4K media. Select the folder and click SET. If the media is a match, the event list will show ticks in the entries. You need to click LINK MATCHED SOURCES.

If there were any other segments which where 1080 and not 4K, you can repeat the same steps again but point the search location to the 1080 media directory. Whatever segments are still unlinked should find the 1080 media as before.

Hope this helps.


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Sascha Haber
Re: Mixed Resolution Conform Suggestion
on Aug 6, 2015 at 7:34:29 am

I would start to just import and play the 4K.
I had little luck doing so and transcoded all to something Smoke can handle.
Or are we talking fake 4K (RED) ?
Then the debayer is your friend.

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