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ConnectFX, editing keyframes and garbage masks

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Josh Spivack
ConnectFX, editing keyframes and garbage masks
on Sep 20, 2013 at 12:23:56 am

I've tried searching through forums or video tutorials before posting this. I have a fairly decent understanding of the workflow in ConnectFX, however two things I've tried to do have thus far been unsuccessful.
The first is applying a LUT to part, but not all of a clip. Basically, we get dpx renders that I bring in, and I'd like to export the entire thing with a LUT or color transform but not apply said LUT to the first frame, which is our slate. I've tried time offsetting under the timing tab and even a node that allowed offsetting, but it's as if I need to built a switch using the nodes--which I don't know how to do. Any advice?

Finally can anyone tell me why when I bring in the garbage mask node everything is grayed out? I'm doing a temp comp and I'd like to use the gmask. I tried grabbing it in the axis controls from the timeline itself but it seems to default to a key and then allows me to mask--no good. So I figured ConnectFX would be the way to go but whether I try and inserting my input into the front or matte side of the clip, or both, everything remains gray.

I know these aren't super advanced but this would help a lot. I'm continuing to brief myself on the tutorials.


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Sandeep Sajeev
Re: ConnectFX, editing keyframes and garbage masks
on Sep 20, 2013 at 6:52:13 am

I can't help with the LUT issue, but when you bring in a GMask node or try to use it within the Keyer/Axis, everything will be greyed out unless you're viewing the Front. So hover over your window and hit F1, then you'll see the Add Geo/Axis option become active. Click it and then draw your shape.

If you need to see the schematic, you can hit ESC.

Btw, you can view this:

The interface is slightly different, but the functionality hasn't changed, and neither have the keyboard commands.


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Grant Kay
Re: ConnectFX, editing keyframes and garbage masks
on Sep 20, 2013 at 8:54:03 am

Hi Josh,

LUT's are typically applied to the whole clip because "normally" we dont turn off LUTs in the middle of a clip.

However I do get what you are trying to do. The only way you are going to achieve this is to duplicate your source clip and apply a LUT to one and not the other. You can than use the timing view to trim and offset the start start of the slate clip.

To be honest, you could save yourself a lot of pain if you just splice the clip after the slate in the sequence and take the second part into CFX.

As for masking, when you connect inputs into the Gmask node, the controls will be greyed out until you select the result view with image. ON the left you will see the ADD controls appear when you select the viewer.

The reason why the options are greyed out is because when you add a node into the schematic view, that view is active and you can't draw a mask over the schematic. So you need to choose an image view first (result, front or matte view) and then it will work for you.


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Josh Spivack
Re: ConnectFX, editing keyframes and garbage masks
on Sep 20, 2013 at 7:27:15 pm

Sandeep and Grant,
Thank you both. I knew it was a quick fix, esp. to the mask.
In regards to the LUT Grant, I could swear in 2012's LUT editor I could simply move to frame 2, apply the lut, render, and frame 1 wouldn't be effected. I agree that applying a cut and bringing in the second portion into connect FX makes more fact I still am not sure how using connect FX alone I'd think I'd have to utilize the timeline. Thanks.

As for the mask, go figure. Thank you both very much for the help.


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