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Why so quiet?

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jake blackstone
Why so quiet?
on May 15, 2013 at 9:53:56 pm

Adobe started a firestorm with the new distribution and pay scheme. Now everyone is looking for a solution. I imagined, that AD would use this rare gift, just like Adobe had done in the past with the FCPX debacle, to throw Smoke's hat into the ring as a possible replacement for AE/PP combo. Bit, no... It's all quiet. As usual, AD never misses the opportunity to miss an opportunity...

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walter biscardi
Re: Why so quiet?
on May 15, 2013 at 10:31:01 pm

[jake blackstone] "As usual, AD never misses the opportunity to miss an opportunity...

In reality Adobe and Avid for that matter really didn't "do" much of anything other than to offer a promotion to switch to their products in exchange for a discount. Us FCP users did the rest.

This is a WHOLLY different matter though because in this case, Adobe didn't change the tools, merely the delivery system and that's a whole different ball of wax. Once folks started realizing they never actually "owned" the software to begin with, and much of the misinformation started getting replaced with actual information, some of the "screamers" have started to see the Cloud for what it actually is. Simply a new delivery system.

With X, Apple threw out entire workflow for a loop and instead of following the "Apple direction of the puck" many of us decided to switch to Adobe / Avid instead. The actual Adobe Premiere Pro CC absolutely and positively rocks both in efficiency and stability under the hood so the product itself is a rock solid improvement of the original workflow. That's entirely different from the FCPX rollout.

Also, Adobe already has 500,000 folks using the Cloud so they have a big head start on actual paying users. The PR side of things was handled horribly, but the two situations are quite different. Even here on the Cow the number of threads / posts in the Creative Cloud Debate forum is miniscule compared to the blowup over FCP X.

Autodesk could certainly throw some sort of "Adobe Switch Discount" out there if they want to, but the price point of entry for Smoke will not sit well with folks used to paying $1500 full version, $500 or less upgrades. Certainly worth a try though.

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jake blackstone
Re: Why so quiet?
on May 15, 2013 at 11:55:52 pm

I disagree, a lot.
Great number of people object to Adobe unilaterally yanking CS purchase option and abruptly replacing it with CC rental idea, with no choice to end user whatsoever. Sounds familiar?
Anyway, just because at the time of untimely death of FCP users had no better choice, other than switch to Premiere (sorry, Avid still does't have a clue), doesn't mean, that it was great move by Adobe. Just because Adobe could sit back and without lifting a finger count new Premiere users, doesn't mean, that the same will work for AD with Smoke. Majority of users STILL have no idea what is Smoke! AD, you need to get off your behind and get to work! Promote, demo, entice, discount, whatever, but don't just sit back and hope users will discover Smoke on their own.

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Sandeep Sajeev
Re: Why so quiet?
on May 17, 2013 at 8:08:40 pm

I agree that AD should be making more noise. But the bigger issue is that the edit tools need a fair amount of work, and AE users are going to find Smoke lacking in some key areas.

Sometimes I forget that 2013 has only been out since mid December, so only a little over 5 months. The PreRelease kinds of skews the whole Smoke 2013 timeframe. Hopefully the 2014 release will be a significant one, enticing some of the Pr/AE crowd to switch.

I also disagree that 500,000 users is indicative of large scale acceptance of Creative Cloud. That number has to be minuscule compared to the actual number of paying users for AE and Photoshop. Premiere is just catching on, but I'd think that there were significantly more motion graphics artists out there using Adobe tools.


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Fred Gasc
Re: Why so quiet?
on May 20, 2013 at 7:27:52 am

Interesting thread. However, reading this, and sorry if I missed a point english not being my native lenguage (I'm french), it sounds like Adobe is the big deal of gazillion switchers. But the reality I see in France and Spain is very different. Broadcast and feature film is mainly Avid and no sign that it is changing, Smoke is quite big in Spain, specialy in feature, still a lot of fcp7, much much more than I would have thought. I only know a bunch of freelance editors using Adobe, a few small houses mainly doing events, celebs; execpt in fx areas with AE, and even there the core software still is Nuke. In fact, I know much more editors still cuttin in fcp7 than PP, and know more Autodesk users here than adobe'. Don't get me wrong, I think Adobe make great stuff, just don't see the big switch.
on the Training side, where the knowledge really is,
There are really serious training options
On Avid and Autodesk, delivered by
High-end structures within this business
(thinking for ex of the national broadcast
Teevee), Almost nothing on Adobe.
Avid editors are more paied than PP ones,
And Smoke operators have jobs while
In more humble structures there
Is a lot of unemployment. Adobe
Is there, each time more there,
But far from ruling the game. IMO.


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