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Paint Tool: Clone offset in time?

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Dustin Bowser
Paint Tool: Clone offset in time?
on Apr 26, 2013 at 6:47:14 pm

Hey guys,

Another question -- Thanks for all the quick responses on this forum by the way. It's been really helpful and is really appreciated.

I've got a cleanup shot that I'm working on that I'm hoping to be able to use the Clone tool, but Sample from either a frame prior or a frame later depending on the particular piece of schmutz that I'm painting.

In After Effects, all you do is park yourself on the frame you want to sample frame, sample the point, and then jump to the frame that you want to paint it on. It takes care of all the offsetting of the timing for you.

I'm working if there is a way to do this in Smoke/Flame.

I've seen Grant's Paint tool videos, and know that you can use the Reveal Tool, bring in a new media layer, and slip the timing by a certain number of frames, but in this case, that approach would take forever and quickly create an insane batch schematic of the same shot piped in, because I would be hoping to quickly determine the 'clean' frame on the fly, and just quickly clone it over.

I've attached a little image of the type of cleanup I'm doing. It's a shot of a liquid pouring, and I have to clean up the little dimples and pings of light reflection, but because of the pour, usually a frame prior or a frame later of each mark is clean, so I would rather clone from the "clean" moment, rather than cloning on the same frame to remove the mark so that I can avoid paint boiling.

Any ideas? or is the Reveal+New Source+Offset time manually method the only way to go?

Thanks for any help!

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Grant Kay
Re: Paint Tool: Clone offset in time?
on Apr 29, 2013 at 10:02:51 am

Hi Dustin,

None of this should be a problem for you with REVEAL.

You do not need to enter in thousands of layer inputs into the paint node.

Each stroke you paint (reveal included) remembers its time offset.

So if you are painting on frame 1 and you slip to 5, when you paint, you are getting a 5 frame offset

When you go to paint on frame 2 and you slip to 3, when you paint, you are getting a 3 frame offset.

If you return to frame 1, that brush stroke will still have the 5 frame offset.

Basically there is no live link between the slip values and the paint strokes that you paint from a particular layer.

So if you should be really easy with CFX paint to do what you want.

Funnily enough the same applies for Desktop paint as well.

I smell another set of videos to add to the list :)


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