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Smoke 2013 - Initial Observations

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Grant Mac Leod
Smoke 2013 - Initial Observations
on Jun 21, 2012 at 9:34:45 am

Loving the new smoke guys!
I've been keeping an eye on the releases pre 2013 and they've been sorely lacking in some areas which meant you had to have more than complex than workflows to work between applications and formats as necessary.

I can honestly say you guys (Autodesk) are doing an incredible job on 2013.

I haven't gone very in depth yet (and there is so much depth) but i was able to go in and do a simple edit very quickly just by looking around. I had watched most of Grant's Tuts on youtube (thanks Grant! :-) ) without smoke in front of me! So it was pretty plain sailing except when it came to exporting - from the release notes it seems exporting doesn't yet work so that appears to be the case. Editing prior to this release coming from another app was impossible without doing serious investigation and head banging.

on to a few basic things i noticed that i found a little strange.
1) dragging functions in the timeline are very sticky with snap off i.e. dragging the playhead or edit point - i had to drag at a certain zoom level 2 seconds away from the point I started dragging before the edit or playhead started physically moving. with snap off this should certainly be smooth. Snap toggle with shift is awesome!
2) when the timeline is playing, i have to often press "space bar" twice for it to stop playing
3) Agreed about the AutoKey button; highlighted the brightest it can be please :-)
3) This is more of a question but could be a feature request.
Is there a way to playback an unrendered connectFX clip in the timeline? I get "unrendered" displayed when i playback something unrendered. I loved that i could play in ConnectFX and it would play every frame up to real time of which performance would be dependent on the hardware capability.
I'd love if there were an option to have playback in the timeline of unrendered clips to just audition the effect in context even non real time and without audio?
I did notice that just moving through the clip 1 frame at a time in the timeline those frames would actually be rendered; this is awesome! Same applied for ConnectFX - very sweet indeed!
So the question is, can I "play every frame" like what was in FCP?
If I have a super powerful machine, and I can play the FX in real time, I feel I should be able to do the same in the timeline?
4) On Macbook Pro 15" 2010, typing on the keyboard doesn't show a result as a type in either project settings, calculator and other areas - after i press enter, the text appears

I will play around more and feedback findings - i love applications that are easy to use and understand on the surface but that also provide the depth that enables you to dive deeper as you become more able!
So far, Smoke ticks many boxes and I see it as a radical game changer - not just because of the excellent app it is; but because you simply won't have to do so many round trips to different apps to perform different tasks that Smoke can now do.

Re interface, I think you've done a great job - sure there are a lot of different views, tabs, but hell there is so much important information and FX options that I can't think of a better way for you to show it.

Good job Autodesk

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