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LOG files in Smoke

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Rory Hinds
LOG files in Smoke
on Feb 22, 2011 at 7:43:19 pm

Just trying to figure out what SMOKE does to LOG files when you view them in the player, it seems to do a LOGtoLIN conversion or something like that as the image looks darker and the only way to see the actual LOG file is to click the Bypass button.

Please could someone explain to me why the player has this function and how does it work?
I don't get why you would want Smoke to do this, unless you are applying a LUT that is.

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Grant Kay
Re: LOG files in Smoke
on Feb 23, 2011 at 3:44:41 pm

Hi Rory,

Looking at the standard player, on the left of the interface there is an option called IMAGE DATA TYPE.

This can be set to VIDEO, LOG or SCENE REFFERED (LINEAR). Depending on the footage you are viewing you can use this setting to push the colour spaces of the images to be displayed correctly on your monitor. So you may want to toggle the options to show your image correctly.

They are generic to my knowledge so you might also use a LUT in conjunction with these viewing modes to view your images in the correct colour space as they were originally intended.

This is only for viewing purposes and in no way destroys the colour information of the original material.

You can convert materia by using the LUT editor in Smoke if you wish to convert LOG to LIN etc....

Hope this clarifies....


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Rory Hinds
Re: LOG files in Smoke
on Feb 23, 2011 at 4:17:08 pm

Hi Grant

Thanks for your reply and helping me understand this.

I'm confused as to why this feature is there and still unsure what its doing.

I have LOG data so my project is setup to LOG and in the player its selected as LOG too but its still applying some sort of LUT or adjustment to the image and the only way I can see the real LOG image is to press the BYPASS button.

Why have these adjustments? How do you know what setting to put them at to "correct" the image correctly?

I noticed that when I select VIDEO and not LOG in the player it will display the LOG image correctly and seems to bypass the settings. ITs all strange to me as I just want to work with my LOG images and apply a LUT and not have this extra adjustment mess with my image.

So it seem that the only way to do this is to alway use the BYPASS button but I don't get why you would have to do that as it seems counter productive so I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong... which concerns me.

I would think that as I have set up my project to LOG and my player to LOG then it should just show me my LOG images as they are and if I wanted to view them "corrected" then I would apply a LUT so I don't understand why there is the added image adjustment that you have to bypass.

Please could you help clear up my confusion.

Many thanks

Rory Hinds

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Aaron Neitz
Re: LOG files in Smoke
on Feb 24, 2011 at 6:09:48 pm

It's backwards intuitive: if you have LOG footage and select LOGARITHMIC as your IMAGE DATA TYPE, Smoke decides to parse that LOG data to a VIDEO/sRGB colorspace so it looks correct on your computer monitor or TV output. If you keep it in VIDEO it will show the LOG in it's natural state.

But like Grant says, it's not doing anything to your footage, it's just altering the preview.

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