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Import from Final Cut XML

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David Robinson
Import from Final Cut XML
on Sep 12, 2010 at 7:19:31 pm

Hi All

I am getting my teeth stuck into Smoke OSX and after much hardship and messing about I finally worked out how to get an XML edit from FC into Smoke.

The clip loads into the Library I created for the project and though it is black the length is correct in the TC. I can't however soft relink the media to the project. This is on an external drive with all the other FC stuff and I created a Gateway to the directory containing the files.

Smoke however lists this as read only and when I press the relink button it gives the message "Archive or clip library is read only"

This is a pain, though I do have others that I will save for other posts ;-)

Thanks in advance


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Alexander Higgins
Re: Import from Final Cut XML
on Sep 13, 2010 at 3:39:44 am

Hey David, First off I would do this tutorial.

That tutorial is kinda the new way to do XML?? I have no idea, but I could only have XML v2 recognized this way, but your way it found up to XML v5.

I would love to start a thread with where someone can answer all the XML questions, my XML's crashed a lot, I think it had to do with it not liking a clip and when it couldn't find a clip it crashed, I have no idea. My XML's show up on the desktop, I can see all the media but they won't import into the storyboard and into an editable timeline.

It shows up on the desktop, if I open it it shows what media it found, but then if I drop it onto the storyboard, CRASH!!

So the few XML tests I did, went nowhere.

I bet I could find the culprate, but I would imagine it has something to do with codecs. If your project is all one CODEC, one ProRes type, I would imagine you would get farther then me. I'll try to test again when I get another demo, I was close to figuring out XML, but not close enough.

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Brian Mulligan
Re: Import from Final Cut XML
on Sep 13, 2010 at 12:07:22 pm

I can't help with XMl relinking because I don't do it. i just edit from scratch on Smoke. But the easiest way to test all of this out woul dbe to create a very simple timeline of say 3 cuts with 3 different media. Then just try and relink that xml.

You can try all of 1 codec, and you can try a mixed seq.

Just a thought. Sorry to not be of great help in this area.

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Hans von Sonntag
Re: Import from Final Cut XML
on Sep 13, 2010 at 4:29:36 pm

I've done tons of conforms with EDL and other applications than Smoke and all I can say is that Smoke's conform from FCP XML is working very well. It never failed to me and is a wow-experience.

Because of all the grief I had with conforms I'm used to do some basic things automatically:

1. All footage used in the FCP project needs proper TC, filename (without illegal characters such as "รค") and a meaningful REEL number, not longer than 8 digits. A missing REEL number can be created in FCP by the user. You can conform without a REEL but things are much smoother when things are done as they should be.

2. For the Smoke beginner ALL media, that also includes the FCP XML, should reside in the same folder. You don't have to do that but doing it this way will rule out pointing issues that can be tackled by Smoke very well but needs some experience.

3. Synched sound should be imbedded in the video files. In FCP synching with TC leads to new "merged" files in the Bin that are use by he editor in the time line as synched footage. While this seems to be very convenient on the first hand it is not when it comes to conforming. FCP's XML format does not provide a usable connection to the original sound files. If you don't have the sound imbedded in the video files you have to synch the sound files in the timeline by hand.

4. In the timeline I would avoid things like nestings, keys (may work), timewarp or slug. Things like resize, text, fades work very well. It's always a good thing to keep your house tidy.

5. In Smoke you have to (soft)import ALL used footage together with the FCP XML. You cannot conform from the gateway directly. You have to import from the gateway your footage together with the XML. Then you load the XML on the Editdesk and pull it into the time line.

Hope that helps,


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