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couple more Qs: working in Log space and VTR emulation

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couple more Qs: working in Log space and VTR emulation
on Oct 15, 2006 at 9:03:18 am

hey again guys, still waiting for the smoke (apparantly it's going to be ANOTHER 2 more wks before we get it...sigh).

So I figured I should make use of the time before it comes... Hope you'll don't mind these Qs...

First Q is: if working in Log space - IE files being received are 10 bit RGB log space - Do i need to treat the frames which are going to go through any processing (IE: dissolves, comping, green screen...)?

I only ask this because our SHAKE team wrote up a paper which stated that before any comping is done on LOG space footage, it needs to be convereted into SRGB space before hand, otherwise the colour in the footage would react oddly.

Is this the same for Smoke/IFF or can I simply load a LUT?

I don't think we are going to do MANY VFX/comping shots in the smoke but may need to do the odd one or two...


The other Q was about VTR emulation - is this an optional feature or is it bundled? And am I correct in assuming that it can be used as a DECK so we can hook it up to a Davinci or another deck? Last of all, would we be able to capture and send at the same time - IE use it as source and record deck?

I am going to see if I can get in contact with a REP next week, but if anyone knows, it would be great if you could response.



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Del Holford
Re: couple more Qs: working in Log space and VTR emulation
on Oct 16, 2006 at 5:19:58 pm

Not sure since I only deal 10 bit DigiBeta or DVC Pro50 in SD and with 8 bit HDCam. I use nothing higher due to my storage limitations on long form projects. My understanding is that the conversion is done on input but I won't be the definitive answer on that. In Library>Input Clip>Engineering you can change from conversion to non-conversion but default is RGB conversion. This is for videotape input. Not sure about digital files.

When you set up your system configuration, you will add all the VTRs and devices you want smoke to control. In the same file you will uncomment the command lines for Emulation types and when you save the file and start the application your system is controllable by another device, either as an NTSC/Pal CCIR601 device or as a HD device, selectable in Output Clip in your Library. Mention this to your installer and he will do it for you. HTH

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