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Can anyone recommend a cheap solution for Wireless Live Video Feed for our JVC GY-HD 100 cameras?

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Rachel Kodner
Can anyone recommend a cheap solution for Wireless Live Video Feed for our JVC GY-HD 100 cameras?
on Jun 23, 2012 at 5:36:06 pm

Our crew is filming someone's event at the Holiday Inn North Shore in a few weeks. The client wants us to provide a live video feed of the guests enjoying themselves and going to all the different booths in the room. We agreed to this months ago, but recently the client gave us new details that made this whole situation a real "game changer." The client told us that the room is PACKED so there really isn't any place for us to setup a stationary camera, to get a live video feed. The client also wants the camera to not be stationary, but rather, be mobile, and walk around and get the action. I've let the client know that if our camera is to be mobile for the live video feed that will mean that a cable has to trailer behind the camera, and people could trip over the cable and sew us, thus it's a liability issue.

So a mobile camera is out of the question unless we can figure out a way to do it wirelessly. So the client wants us to look into a cheap solution for doing a wireless live video feed. Client has even hired a special video company, in addition to us, to provide projectors/screens that will work with wireless technology.

We thought the idea of a cable wrangler wasn't good enough when it came to people not tripping on the cable so that's why I really need a suggestion for 'RF' technology.

We have a JVC GY-HD100 and 110 that we're planning to use for her event. (If absolutely necessary, we can look into substituting that camera with a Panasonic HPX300).

Someone recommended this idea a while ago that I need to look into that sounded somewhat cheap:  "I have a camwave 5channel system that fits with a vmount adapter.  I own a jvc and use it all the time.  As long as the monitor you ate using has a bnc adapter it will work and it has the capability of transmitting to multiple monitors.  The max I have use ld it for was 210 monitors trough 6 cable breakout boxes." I brought this idea up with my company, and they said it won't work with our cameras because we'd have to plug up some aja box to it to make it work, which would complicate the setup.

Can you suggest any ideas for making this happen? Hopefully a cheap alternative?

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Joel Hufford
Re: Can anyone recommend a cheap solution for Wireless Live Video Feed for our JVC GY-HD 100 cameras?
on Jun 26, 2012 at 6:36:41 pm

Hi Rachel,

I'm not sure how large an area you're talking about covering here, but one solution you might look into is an HDMI wireless extender from Gefen ($400). The transmitter unit is about the size of a thumb drive and bus powered, so it's nice and compact and is rated to transmit approximately 80' feet line of sight.

In order to use this, you're going to need a camera with HDMI out. While neither of the JVC units you mentioned have HDMI out, the Panasonic camera has an SDI output that could be converted to HDMI using Blackmagic Design's battery powered mini converters (about $300). It can be velcroed or taped to the back of the camera. The unit is rated to last two hours on a charge, and so depending on the length of the event, you might need an additional unit so you could swap out.

I realize this isn't an "ideal" solution as you have to replace your JVC camera and there's a conversion step, but it is a potential solution and not having to worry about cable in a high traffic area is certainly a positive.

Good Luck!

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