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Best Practice for Video Playback At Conference

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Steven Feinstein
Best Practice for Video Playback At Conference
on Jun 24, 2010 at 5:23:13 am

Event date: July 20th...

I need to play videos before/after keynote at general session.
A very basic setup compared to what I have read already.... one Dell projector (projecting onto a hotel screen). The projector is fed by an UXGA or VGA source from the production table in the back of the ballroom.

At the production table we have a couple of laptops feeding into a video switcher (TruLink® 4-Port UXGA Monitor Switcher/Extender).

one laptop has the presenter's Powerpoint and the other has the video that needs to be played.

I want to be able to switch to the video laptop and play the video without the audience seeing the desktop of the video laptop and the application playing the video. (if that makes sense)

for video playback We can use either a Mac Book Pro or a PC laptop. I am assuming I would attach the video laptop to the TruLink video switcher and the laptop would see it as an external monitor.

Is there software I can run on the video laptop that queues up the video and once I hit play it plays it on the external monitor (the projector)???

Any/All best practices/comments are welcome....



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Joel Hufford
Re: Best Practice for Video Playback At Conference
on Jun 24, 2010 at 4:52:35 pm

Check out Playback Pro by DTVideoLabs

If you're planning on doing multiple presentations, it would be worth looking into purchasing a copy. If you are only going to be doing this one show it is also possible to rent a copy of the software and USB enabler key.

There is also Playback Pro Plus, but it sounds like for your application, Playback Pro will suffice.

I'm sure others will have suggestions, but as far as I'm concerned, for live video playback you can't beat Playback Pro.

Good Luck!


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Steven Feinstein
Re: Best Practice for Video Playback At Conference
on Jun 24, 2010 at 5:59:52 pm

Thanks for the feedback Joel...

I downloaded a copy and playing with it now...

This may be the way I need to go.



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Bill Davis
Re: Best Practice for Video Playback At Conference
on Jun 24, 2010 at 11:27:20 pm

With the setup you describe, you don't really need ANYTHING else.

Since the VGA feed to the projector is switched - just get the proper VGA adaptor for the Mac or the PC and set it up to play the video full screen.

I'm a Mac guy - so I'd load the video by dragging it onto Quicktime Player - then use the MONITORs control panel to either MIRROR the entire desktop, or put the video output on the SECOND SCREEN which shows up automatically when there's a VGA source in addition to the desktop.

In either case, once you have the video displaying full screen to the projector, a touch of the space bar starts and stops it.

Is suspect it's the same using Windows Media Player or whatever the current equivalent software is on the PC.

The key is that you already have a SWITCH between the two laptops and the projector.

If you don't have that then the next process is to EMBED the video into the PPt presentation.

This is not a holy war thing, just a practical reality that this works pretty flawlessly using a MAC with a Quicktime embedded inside a Keynote presenation. But in my experience, embedding video inside a PowerPoint PC presentation is asking for trouble.

Others here may be more up to date and PPt may have solved their internal playback issues - but all I know is that the ONLY embedded video inside a presentation system I fully trust based on dozens and dozens of conference appearances is Keynote/Quicktime.

For what it's worth. YMMV

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Pabl Escap3
Re: Best Practice for Video Playback At Conference
on Jul 30, 2012 at 1:38:50 pm

How did you download it? did you buy it? Please help me 'cause I need it too.

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