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Help on Live Outdoor Event Broadcast

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Help on Live Outdoor Event Broadcast
on Nov 27, 2007 at 3:50:54 pm

Please i need a schematic on the procedures and equipment needed for an online LIVE EVENT BROADCAST, both video & Audio. I need this urgently... Its an outdoor church crusade.
the program starts 6th Dec 2007 and there has to be test running b4 then.

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Bob Bonniol
Re: Help on Live Outdoor Event Broadcast
on Nov 27, 2007 at 6:46:19 pm

Ummmm. There are SO many variables on what this could be, it's impossible to answer your question.

I would STRONGLY suggest that you hire a professional AV company to do this gig, watch what they do carefully, keep and catalog all documentation of the gig, then begin to think about how you might do this yourself in the future.

Beyond that, in an ethical sense, there are people who make their entire living specifying the schematic and logistical design for what you are talking about. It's NOT simple. It's NOT something you can learn quickly and apply successfully. There are so many details, pieces of equipment, personnel required, planning, and execution techniques... People go through college or extensive industry experience gathering to get to a position where they do this.

I'm not trying to be demoralizing. It's not impossible you can learn and apply this stuff after a while. But with your gig SO close, you really ought to get some professional help so it doesn't end in disaster.

Good Luck,

Bob Bonniol

MODE Studios
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Mark Suszko
Re: Help on Live Outdoor Event Broadcast
on Nov 29, 2007 at 6:18:02 pm

Bob is right on.

You said "online broadcast". In addition to the AV company bringing in the camera gear, wiring, and etc. to shoot it, you are going to need a service to host the streaming video to a wide audience. Otherwise, only a handful will be able to see it streamed off your own comuter.

If you lack expertise in this, best to call up one of the big internet streaming hosting & provisioning outfits like Akamai or the like to arrange enough bandwidth for your audience. You may or may not have enough budget for this, depending on just how many people you expect to be able to see this on their computers. From what little I understand about such hosting, you basically "guess" at how many simultaneous viewers will watch the stream, they will quote you a rate based on that, with additional charges based on if more people than expected get on and require increased capacity thru more servers, reflector sites, etc. They will be able to show you logs to prove how many streams were served.

You are right that you don't have alot of time to figure this all out, so hiring an events managing company or PR firm with events experience would probably be the best way to go on such short notice this time. Shadow what they do so you can do it yourself next time. They can hire the Av crews and set up the streaming services faster, and just tell you the time without you needing to first build the clock. One-stop shopping.

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