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one-man, one-time rock performance video shooting advice?

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one-man, one-time rock performance video shooting advice?
on Feb 24, 2006 at 1:57:04 am

This is a re-posting. I think I left the subject line out -- aplogies

Hi All,

Any advice on how to do this greatly appreciated!!

I have two days before I have to shoot a live rock gig, and as i'm doing it alone, I'm worried about continuity. I imagine that it will be impossible to get every song edited up seamlessly, but if I could salvage about half, that would be OK.

I'll explain the situation, then ask some specific questions...

possibly for DVD, but I'm allowed to take material for my showreel. I won't be invoved in editing anything for potential DVD -- just providing some "nice shots". This said, I want to get continuity in my shoot so that I can put together material for my showreel.

rock 3-piece, fairly loose with lots of improvised solos. I know the music well.


Cam A: I will use a PD150 (PAL) with the mike attached to shoot up close and handheld. Main position will be stageleft, near the guitarist/ main vocalist. I may move to a mark nearer the bassist for when he sings.

Cam B: old consumer mini-dv (NTSC)on a tripod. Use for master shot from stage right, with the bassist in the foreground.

Cam C (no garuntee this is allowed): consumer mini dv (NTSC)on tripod, shooting the drummer.

Sound: Possibly allowed to take MD off the desk. DAT is not a possibility for me to use, but they may make a copy for themselves.

No backstage shooting.


-how to shoot for max coverage? Are the positions I mentioned OK? I have to move a lot here. should I shoot autofocus/ auto iris?

-how to get decent sound? I know that sound will not be good, but what can i do here? i will use the PD150 camera mike and set the sound levels relly low. will moving around round cause me big problems with sound contunuity when editing later? I have a big boom condenser mike I could attach to one of the consumer cameras -- would the high volume damage it?

-ideas for B-roll? shots of feet going down on effets pedals, wobbling drum kits, crowd, anything else?

Thanks a lot.. time is short, but any brief info you could give would be very much appreciated. This is a big chance for me!

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andy stinton
Re: one-man, one-time rock performance video shooting advice?
on Feb 24, 2006 at 10:06:16 pm

Wow I will give some short answers and I

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Re: one-man, one-time rock performance video shooting advice?
on Feb 25, 2006 at 7:32:31 am

Thanks Andy.

Yup it's not the ideal set up. As it is, i'm not in a position to change any details regarding equipment or staff -- it's really a make what you can of it deal.

I'm not bothered about the PAL NTSC thing too much -- I'll convert later and work around it. Sound is more of a concern. If worst comes to worst, I'll not use it at all, replacing it with CD track. Obviously that takes the meaning away from the live filming..

Lighting, I have no idea, It may be dark, but hopefully not too so. the bands kind of famous, there should be about 6-800 people. Bright enough for them to see but no great light show. THe PD 150 will manage OK I'm sure.

Anyway, my goal as I said before is to get something approximating full coverage of half of the songs. If you have any advice as to how this can be done with the very limited means, that would be great.

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