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using multiple BCU Image Restoration features on same footage

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Jim Turney
using multiple BCU Image Restoration features on same footage
on May 13, 2016 at 2:57:26 am

I just got the new Image Restoration Unit to fix old Hi8 video that has been digitized to Pro Res mov with lots of jaggies.

I want to use DV Fixer, UpRez, Optical Stabilizer (all hand held walk around shots so I'll use Mode: Smooth, Stablize:...zoom, Quality: MagicSmooth) and maybe Noise Reduction (all in Adobe CS 5.5).

Is it best to set up all the three effects and process at the same time or process each effect separately? If separately, which effect is best to apply first?

Any other tips for this kind of job?

I also own Red Giant Shooter Suite 12.6. Is their Instant HD better than UpRez, or their DeNoiser better than Noise Reduction?

Thanks in advance.

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Jon Kozenko
Re: using multiple BCU Image Restoration features on same footage
on May 13, 2016 at 3:08:06 pm

Hello Jim,

To start off, quickly, has your footage been DeInterlaced as of yet? I ask because if not, you will very much want to do this first, as everything else will adjust the fields and potentially make DeInterlacing more difficult.

If it is already DeInterlaced, I think going in the order you have above (DV Fixer, UpRez, Optical Stabilizer and Noise Reduction) would be the best way to go. As for your primary question, I would strongly recommend that you either Export/Re-import or PreComp your footage after going through each of these cycles, as both UpRez and Optical Stabilizer work with the source clip rather than a timeline render, and as such working on an unaffected clip would be the way to go for optimal results.


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Jim Turney
Re: using multiple BCU Image Restoration features on same footage
on May 16, 2016 at 4:57:58 pm

Many thanks Jon, I had not thought about de-interlacing first. I decided to experiment with Red Giant Shooter Suite's Frames and Frames Plus since I don't own BCU Film Style, oddly the only Unit that includes the Deinterlace filter even tho it seems more appropriate in Image Restoration.

I was encouraged by Chris Wright's comment but I didn't try Terenax, AviSynth, ReelSmart FieldsKit or PHYX.

I found that Red Giant Frames Plus for Adobe After Effects (formerly the Magic Bullet plug-in developed at The Orphanage) looked better than Frames or Premiere's built-in solution. It converted to 30p, not just 24p as the docs imply. I used Frames Plus with the "deartifacting" option on. It was slower than Frames in Premiere, taking about 11 hours to process 50 minutes of video despite giving AE all the memory it wanted, fast CPU and i/o on a SSD.

I also tested BCU UpRez compared to RG's Instant 4K (uping SD to HD, not all the way to 4K) and found Red Giant better, but I'll make this test again.

Optical Stabilizer wasn't good for some of my footage with too much camera movement. I didn't see any benefit from DV Fixer but maybe RG's "deartifacting" option already took care of that. I'll also test DV Fixer again later.

Thanks, Jim

I'm getting back into video editing after a long pause, using a MacBook Pro i7 @2.8 GHz
Intel Iris 1536mb for 2x 24" monitors
8gb RAM and 500gb Apple SSD
many external hard drives
Adobe CS 5.5 with BorisFX's Graffiti, Image Restoration Unit and Red Giant's Shooter Suite.

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