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3D Spline Composition a la new Boris TV opener in Sony Vegas pro 11

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Peter Romão
3D Spline Composition a la new Boris TV opener in Sony Vegas pro 11
on Sep 5, 2012 at 6:55:22 pm

Hello Guys,

Here's the catch. I have a small 10 minute production where I wanted to do something similar to what the aforementioned Boris TV opener does with the TV 3D spline showing a video comp of several objects playing inside a scanlined screen.

If I recall correctly it's a mix of a 3D extruded spinning "TV" title, a 3D particle system in the form of a spinning sphere, some audio bar graphs playing and what have you.

Watching the making of in After effects I believe that there was some camera movement tricks and layer manipulation stuff that I think cannot be replicated in Sony Vegas Pro. I might be wrong though.

Before I had this Idea of shoving my project mix into a 3D spline rectangle I came up with a nice scanline texture imitating an old EGA computer screen and I put a Type on Text with nice glowing and scan effects as if the computer was writing by itself the information I wanted to convey.

All very fine until the 3D spline object comes into play.

If I want to use the source layer in the front face of my rectangle I must apply this plugin on the video event that I want to serve as source layer (is this a correct assessment?). This is my Type on Text effect with animation. This is there OK dimensioned to the size of the rectangle and every other setting correct.

The scanlined screen which is another video event in the underlying track is ignored by the 3D spline of course and I do not seem to find any intelligent way to make this all get into the rectangle save the solution of rendering my mix to a new track and applying the spline there. I hate this solution though because if I want to change any small aspect to the content I have to go and render the whole stuff to the new track every single time.

I did have some other ideas but they're so ludicrous and non resolving that I am turning to your expertise guys.

Any ideas?

If there are I would be happy to replicate the turorial for Vegas Pro later on for the sake of the hard on vegas users out there.


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peter mcauley
Re: 3D Spline Composition a la new Boris TV opener in Sony Vegas pro 11
on Sep 17, 2012 at 2:30:50 pm


Although you can indeed use the BCC filters to perform some interesting and cool compositing within the Vegas timeline, to achieve the result that you have in mind, I would move over to a dedicated compositing solution rather than trying to do all of the heavy lifting from an editing solution (which was primarily designed for cutting video.) For this, I would suggest that you use Boris RED ... you should be able to replicate the TV opener shot in Boris RED much more effectively and with far less effort than attempting to produce the effect on the Vegas timeline.

Using the Boris RED plug-in within Vegas, you can keep the animation live, you don't have to render it out independently from RED, and thus maintain the flexibility of the BCC filters while harnessing the power of a full fledged compositor with 3D cameras and lights.



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