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BCC 5.01 Light Sweep & Motion 3 bug

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BCC 5.01 Light Sweep & Motion 3 bug
on Nov 30, 2007 at 9:20:59 pm

Anyone having trouble getting a light sweep to render properly? I can see the light band when I'm adjusting the keyframes for the light center, but when you play it back or render the light sweep it has mysteriously vanished into thin air.

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Peter McAuley
Re: BCC 5.01 Light Sweep & Motion 3 bug
on Dec 2, 2007 at 8:28:11 pm


I'm not exactly sure why this is not working on your system but I just rendered out a clip to which I applied the BCC Light Sweep and the rendered result was exactly as expected, just like the viewer result while I was setting the effect up. I did this test on a PowerPC Mac ... what hardware are you using?



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Re: BCC 5.01 Light Sweep & Motion 3 bug
on Dec 3, 2007 at 9:20:31 pm

Hey Peter, here are my hardware/software specs.

2.6 GHz Mac Pro Intel Quad Core
7GB of RAM
ATI Radeon X1900 Video Card
Black Magic Multibridge Pro (Firmware v. 6.6.2)
Final Cut Pro v. 6.02
Quicktime v. 7.3
Motion v. 3.02
BCC v. 5.0.1

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peter mcauley
Re: BCC 5.01 Light Sweep & Motion 3 bug
on Dec 3, 2007 at 9:25:09 pm

Thanks for sending this along - I've passed it to our QA and support departments to see if they can reproduce the issue.

I should have more information tomorrow.


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Zach Johnson
Re: BCC 5.01 Light Sweep & Motion 3 bug
on Jan 8, 2008 at 5:12:58 am

I think I have the same problem as this guy, and I think I know the solution. I'd like to report it as a bug, if it hasn't been identified already:

Many of the light filters' keyframes (rays, etc) only work if the filter is extended so that it begins at the start of the project. For instance: "BCC Rays Puffy" If the filter starts at frame 0, and I keyframe something, not a problem. If the filter in-point is frame 10 (because its parent clip starts at that point) and I keyframe something to happen from 20 to 30, the filter keyframes that action from 10 to 20. The filter determines its actual keyframes by subtracting the difference from the filter's in-point to the project start from the intended keyframe positions.

Consequentially, when you've got a clip and filter far down into the timeline (farther from frame 0 than the filter length itself), no matter what keyframing you do, the filter will render the last keyframe values over the whole clip. I assume that's what the original poster's problem is.

The workaround is to lock all your keyframes and extend the filter's in point to the beginning of the motion project, unlock them, and continue working. Or be sure to extend any applied filter's inpoint to the head of the project before keyframing.

This would be a good 5.02 fix as this seems to happen with a lot of filters and is pretty frustrating.

...forgive what must be a patronizing and long post if this is a known issue.


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Zachary Johnson
Re: BCC 5.01 Light Sweep & Motion 3 bug
on Jan 8, 2008 at 5:34:16 am

Actually, I'm now noticing this is how most (all?) the filters in BCC operate in Motion 3. I've spent the last couple months with BCC without the need to animate keyframes on anything besides the light filters, and I thought this was just their peculiarity, having never tried animating parameters on the others.

I guess all BCC 5 filters need to start at the beginning of the project.

Or maybe I've got some problem with my set up.

Motion 3.0.2.
BCC 5.0.1
OS 10.4.11
iMac Core 2 Duo
Radeon X1600

I'll try it out on my MBP later to see.

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