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Button transitions on to main menu

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Carl Endres
Button transitions on to main menu
on May 5, 2016 at 1:06:33 pm

I would like the following to occur, but not quite sure how best to do it. I am using encore cs5.5

1) When loading the DVD the first thing you see is the main menu which is a static image.

2) Then after a few seconds my button transitions on from 0% opacity to 100%

3) Than when the viewer hits play,it plays the video.

What I'm having a problem with is figuring out the best way to get the button to transition from transparent to 100% opaque (#2)

Any help would be appreciated.

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reko tomo
Re: Button transitions on to main menu
on Jun 19, 2016 at 5:40:38 am

Although I'm also a beginner in using Encore,

I think you should make a motion menu.
Maybe something like this :

Make your Menu (and the button layers) in Photoshop with your still photo background that you want to show it in Encore. Save it with the name (for example) Menu.PSD

Make a motion menu within your video editing app.
Within your video editing app, import as composition your Menu.PSD file

Make the composition in the timeline something like this :
1. your still frame for (say) 12 seconds
2. 2 sec of your button layers starts on the 10th second with 1 sec transition then end at the 12th sec of the timeline.

Export the timeline to a compliant video (DVD/BD) format.
Name this video (for example) FirstPlay.m2v (m2v is the extension for DVD compliant file).
If you play this video, you will see
- 10 seconds of your still frame without button
- 1 second of your still frame with button transition
- 1 second of your still frame with button (exactly look the same with your Menu.PSD file).

Within Encore :
Import the FirstPlay.m2v to Encore as Timeline
Import also your Menu.PSD as Menu, name it (for example) MainMenu

In the Project panel, right klik your FirstPlay timeline-icon and choose "set as First Play".
In the FirstPlay Timeline Properties panel, set the End Action link to your MainMenu
Click the "Preview" icon.

I hope that works :).


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