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Best method to Burn a Blu ray 30fps in encore from a 25fps film.

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taras groves
Best method to Burn a Blu ray 30fps in encore from a 25fps film.
on Sep 10, 2014 at 12:56:14 pm

Hi there jsut a quick question. I have a 25fps 1080p feature film that I need to send over to the US by the end of the month for viewing on blu ray in a festival.

I was thinking about exporting the sequence as a h.264 blu ray 30fps (as ive been recommended) in premiere, then putting that file into encore to author the blu ray. What I wanted to check is what is the best method to author the blu ray? As i've had it before where I've tried in the past to get random errors (which i have researched and appears to be different and unanswerable bugs) which then frustratingly means the blu ray is useless and i cant rerecord... and blu rays are expensive!

I was thinking could i export the film first in encore as a Blu‑ray Folder so I can check the quality etc? Then go back to encore andburn it to blu ray (or use a 3rd party software). Do many people do this? And if i add the folder does it play like a normal blu ray in a blu ray player or is it like a data disc where you have to go into the folder or something?

Sorry for the ignorance, also have any europeans here had success converting their 25fps progressive footage to 30fps blu ray projects for viewing in the US?

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Daniel Ludwig
Re: Best method to Burn a Blu ray 30fps in encore from a 25fps film.
on Sep 12, 2014 at 1:15:14 pm

that doesn´t work! you need to do a format-change 25fps to 30fps.

US BD-players wont play 25/50fps-BDs as this is mandatory only for countries that broadcast with 25/50fps. so you´re stuck with 1080p23.98, 1080p24 or 1080i30.

the most common (and used) way is to do a conforming of films, meaning to slow-down your 25fps-film to 23.98fps. the duration will get 4% longer and the audio will tune a little bit down, but the disc will work in the US. encore could easily author 108p23.98- BDs.

luckily your film is 1080p25 - so you don´t need to de-interlace the film.



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David Rehm
Re: Best method to Burn a Blu ray 30fps in encore from a 25fps film.
on Sep 21, 2014 at 4:55:37 pm

Here are your options on how to do this successfully using Adobe Premiere Pro (good) or After Effects (better).

In Premiere Pro
For example: Say you have a 23.976 frame rate clip in a timeline
>>Nest a 23.97 footage into a 29.97 sequence (or your intended frame rate)
This is essentially a reverse pulldown – frames are being added.
This is a typical process but it can look a little abrupt.

Other options
Same scenario as above
>>R-click the footage in the timeline >>choose Frame Blend (this will create smoother motion in the clip)

This is as good as it gets in Premiere Pro

For total control use After Effects to morph between frames (and not just dissolve between frames like in Premiere)

>>send footage to After Effects
The comp settings should be the intended frame rate
The clip should be the original frame rate that you want to change.
>>Toggle Switches >>(globally) enable Frame Blending
>>click the draft switch too

This does a very good job at blending the frames but for the maximum quality
>>check the draft switch again and this will give the best results. Every frame will be a whole frame.

There will be lots of rendering time involved so be patient.

Hope this helps

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