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Authoring my own 3D content to Blu-ray disc - HOW ??

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peter wicks
Authoring my own 3D content to Blu-ray disc - HOW ??
on Jun 1, 2014 at 5:23:41 am

Hi people, This may not be the exact right forum for this question, but I'm getting no answers elsewhere.
I'm using a PC with a BlackMagic DL HD 3D Extreme card, with PrPro CS 5.5, and Cineform Studio Premium, to make 3D video files out of HD 720p25 pal, (for CF 1st Light compatability), from twin HD pov cameras, recorded on to SD cards. They are not sync locked cameras, so a visual queue is used to sync them.
I ingest and convert to a Cineform preset (customised with maximum bit depth & render quality), sync and mux, then re-import muxed files to adjust and manipulate. Then after editing and titles etc. on PrPro, I can convert it to Blu-ray files, -- dual layer H.264, or MPEG Blu-ray files, and I want to put these files on a BD, to be able to play my 3D movies through a domestic Blu-ray player, and on a 3D TV. I need framepacked files in a MVC container for Blu-ray to decode, as far as I know.
Will over/under (or side by side) be decoded by the player/TV to display as it should, (I was told it would), and do I put the finished over/under files into a MVC or MKV container, or a MVC and then into a MKV container, to be playable via most normal Blu-ray players ?

Someone said it can't be done with CF studio premium, (I didn't notice a specific mention of framepacking there). Will CF professional do it, or do I need to forget about upgrading my Cineform and buy a separate Blu-ray disc encoding tool, like DoStudio MVC encoder; Cinemacraft MVC encoder; DVDlogic BD author 3D, -- all of roughly similar great expense.
Or is there an inexpensive alternative, and simple MVC authoring method (please tell me of some). I'm not techy enough to mess with anything too intricate or involved like command line based tools. Need to keep it simple.

I think this is my last hurdle to making 3D videos - getting it to a format to play on the disc player and 3D TV.
Is there a 3D Blu-ray authoring tutorial ?
Any help and advice would be much appreciated.


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Daniel Ludwig
Re: Authoring my own 3D content to Blu-ray disc - HOW ??
on Jun 1, 2014 at 5:10:31 pm

first of all - there is no other way besides the usual suspects for BD3D.

I would advice to do it with BD Author 3D, best price compared the the other authoring-apps, and scenarist 3D is no longer been sold, as rovi set it to EOL.

then according to your workflow + specs:

720p25 is worst case scenario! BD-spec for 3D is 720p60, 720p50 or 1080p23.98 for MVC-files, so your out on that point.

for BD3D-authoring you also need a dedicated MVC-encoder, that generates a base-view and a depended-view-file.

as you´re talking about 720p25 I guess you´re based in UK or down under. if you are in the UK, you could send it over to me (germany) and I could create a BD3D for you (for a working-fee), or in any other case you might look for someone who can create a BD3D for you with your material.

necessary are 2! single files (1 x left eye + 1 x right eye) for MVC-encoding.

these files will be multiplexed to a stereoscopic video, that could be seen on 3D-player + 3D-screen-combinations. some older screens ( HDMI1.3) could not playback in full 2x1080-streams (so called dual link HDMI), they could show it half res at side/side. all newer ones (HDMI1.4) could show dual link, meaning both eyes at full 1080-res.

any more questions?


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