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I am having an issue with Random frames showing up in my PC CS5 DVD sequence.

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Steve Mac Kenzie
I am having an issue with Random frames showing up in my PC CS5 DVD sequence.
on Aug 22, 2012 at 1:17:31 am

It is a strictly SD project and it is a feature length film. I
counted 3 single frames inserted randomly into the DVD. These
frames look perfect and are just out of place. I have seen
posts about this issue on the net but no real solution. This
is a turnkey system and the hardware is not taxed and there is
plenty of space on the drives. IS there possibly a setting? I
was going to try to burn another disk but was hoping to hear
that there was a solution. I also there was an update
available when I put my system online so I hoping that may have
solved it. Any help would be great. I appreciate anyone's
insight on this as this Disk is going to mass duplication and
so I will of course QC it out but I want to make sure that
whatever is causing this has a fix. Thank you for your time!

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Chuck Major
Re: I am having an issue with Random frames showing up in my PC CS5 DVD sequence.
on Jan 25, 2016 at 6:07:02 am

I also have random single frames from another part of my video appear at different locations in my Encore MPEG2 transcodes. The sequences were imported into Encore from Premiere Pro CS5 via Adobe Dynamic Link.

The random frames do not appear in the original Premier Pro timeline, only in the Encore transcode and the burned DVDs.

I have tried importing into Encore using Adobe Dynamic Link with both "Mercury GPU acceleration" turned on and "Mercury Software only" with the same results.

I can export directly from Premiere Pro with the MPEG2 for DVD setting, but video and title quality suffers and Encore does not automatically adjust transcode to fit on and fill the DVD.

There are many people on the Adobe forums that have had this issue on CS4 - CC, but no one seems to have found a resolution.

I Also have another PC not as powerful (FX1800), but it does not have the issue.

Have thought of upgrading to my CS6 version or CC but others also having the issue with those as well... HELP!

System Config:
Windows 10 Pro
Dual Xeon E5-2637 v2 @ 3.50GHz
Nvidia Quadro K4000 Graphics Card
1TB SSD Boot/Program Disk
4TB Video Source Disk
2TB RAID0 Sctratch and processing disk

Premiere Pro CS5
After Effect CS5.5
PhotoShop CS6 (Installed from Master Collection)
Media Encoder CS5
Media Encoder CS5.5
Media Encoder CS6

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Jan Janowski
Re: I am having an issue with Random frames showing up in my PC CS5 DVD sequence.
on Mar 12, 2016 at 7:24:15 pm

Look for a timebase error in the source footage a frame or so before where you see wrong frame in the DVD.
(Go back to Premiere to look at it...
Once you find the frame with the error... Your options are:
Use a different take if one is available.... OR...
MASK it with a partial frame that does not have the timebase error in it...
Make sure you replace both top an botoom of picture (In other words, on either side of the vertical interval...

I encountered this a couple of times... Even with a TBC'd video..

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Jan Janowski
Re: I am having an issue with Random frames showing up in my PC CS5 DVD sequence.
on Mar 12, 2016 at 7:50:14 pm

I did encounter this during Beta of CS5, but No one else could duplicate it.
I did find that exchanging the offending clip with another fixed it.
I did find that once I found a 'disturbance' in the image, that I'm suspecting to be High FQ Timebase error in the footage (the videotape was TBC'd or Framesynced)
I then found that the source footage, if transferred via TBC or FS again had the SAME PROBLEM..
So the problem had to do with the source footage itself....

Now, it's interesting to note that the IMAGE that Encore Used was from the same session, but NO-WHERE-NEAR the footage with the Timebase error...

Premiere didn't complain about this footage, Only Encore, and Only after Transcode. Prior to transcode, it played fine on the monitor!

Now because I didn't have a 2nd take to fall back on, once I found where the problem was in the footage.... I had to come up with a Plan B...

The footage in question was a Mime shot in silhouette... The background was a dark blue.
So I used a custom Wipe pattern to cut between this footage and color background, and by cutting out and replacing the bad footage with color background.... The problem was fixed in Premiere, which, due to Dynamic Link to Encore, was flagged with new footage next time I opened Encore, and the problem was then fixed.....

Now this did bring up a feature that I promptly posted to the Beta Site.... The need for a Color Picker in Background color, which would have made the selection of the exact color in the video footage simple.... but didn't exist yet.... and never made it into CS6 either....
My Last Beta Participation was CS6, because I don't believe in CLOUD, and I was dead set against Dynamic Link to Encore being removed... (Because Encore was eliminated Past CS6)... but that's a story for another time.....

I guarantee you that you will find a disturbance in the source footage that Premiere will not object to, but Will cause random incorrect frames to occur in Encore after a trans-code...


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