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Encore CS5: Building Problems

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Mr Xram
Encore CS5: Building Problems
on May 23, 2012 at 11:16:52 am

Hi Creative COW users!

First of all, I'm new here as a user, although I've been using the amazing Creative COW forums anonymously before.

The Case
I've been working with Premiere Pro and Encore CS5 actively for the last week. I think pretty much got the hang of both programs. I first combined some of my HD videos (shot with a Nikon D7000) and created some sequences with them. Each Sequence not longer than 10 minutes. Then I rendered them in 1920x1080, which gave me a good result.

After that I started working with Encore. In Encore I created individual timelines of every video, added some playlists and all that jazz. I also created some custom made menu's in Photoshop, with animated backgrounds, animated links and so forth. Everything looked great in the preview, no doubt.

The Problems
Actually I've got 2 problems here. I'll number them for the convenience.

1. After I finished my project, I just needed to build the movie. Since I made everything in HD, I was thinking about doing the same here as well. Problem is though; I don't have a blu ray player. Instead, I've got one of those multimedia players that plays things from hard drives - at Full HD resolution. Before I rendered the whole thing in blu ray format (which probably would take a long time, since the project was about 1,5h of HD vids, about 20GB excluding the menus) I thought it might be smart to first render a Test Project, which just included 1 simple menu and one 10 sec. video. Here's were it got interesting: I rendered the whole thing in 2 formats: blu ray ISO and blu ray folder. Both of them weren't recognized by my media player. The ISO didn't work at all. The folder worked, but I could only play the individual videos, not the menu. This kinda sucks, I want my menu to play. I could render it as DVD, but it'll loose all it's quality. PLUS, I tried to render the same test project as DVD, the menu's were screwed up, I guess because of the change in resolution.

2. I need to do something, so I thought I'd just render the whole thing as a DVD, so I could see if that at least worked a bit. Now it's rendering for hours straight and it keeps telling me this: Building motion menus... and: Rendering menu "Scene Selection 1".
To be clear: I've got 6 menu's, all with a motion background, the Scene Selection menus got little video thumbnails as well.

The Questions
1. Is there something I could do to get my project in Full HD onto my media player? Something besides buying a blu ray player (and burner)? If not: is there some easy fix to fix the menu's, so that I don't get the resolution problems when I render it as a DVD?

2. Is it normal for Encore to take hours and hours to render such a project?

I hope some of you can answer my questions, it would really be awesome to see not all my work was for nothing.



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Mr Xram
Re: Encore CS5: Building Problems
on May 24, 2012 at 7:36:33 am

Ok, now I got another problem? Encore finished rendering all the menus and such (after a stunning 28 hours) and now gave me the following message:

Total menu size exceeds maximum limit

I don't have THAT much menus, just got them all animated pretty intense. But that as well shouldn't be a problem, I would say.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks again,

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Nassim Acronyme
Re: Encore CS5: Building Problems
on Jul 6, 2012 at 4:09:33 pm

Hi everyone,
I'm having a similar issue; I have a menu that became very long to render compared to other more complex menus. If anyone has a clue where to look to resolve that problem I would be thrilled.

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