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Blu-Ray disk skips after burning from Encore

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Bob Antonelli
Blu-Ray disk skips after burning from Encore
on Oct 25, 2011 at 1:17:11 am

I just recently filmed a wedding using my Canon xa-10. I edited the footage in adobe premiere cs5 on m mac book pro, created chapters, a menu in photoshop, sent it all to encore.

I use the presets that encore suggests for me. i'm burning a project that is 58 minutes long. It creates an MPEG-2

I checked the project for errors...everything checked out, all chapters were linked properly, previewed well, no problems.

I burn the blu-rays using my external blu-ray burner (lacie d2 blu-ray burner).

I hit build, things seem to work fine. no crashes, no errors. one strange thing that does happen is on my desktop, the external burner creates multiple icons of the blu-ray that I'm burning. when the building and burning is done, I have 8 blu-ray icons on my desktop.

The burn finishes, the disk ejects from my burner. I take it out, toss another blu-ray in, burn again. That one finishes, it ejects, I take it out, throw labels on them with my "CD-STOMPER," toss them in a case, send it to the client.

3 days later, the client emails and says that BOTH blu-rays "kept stopping and would skip." They tried it in two different blu-ray players and got the same result.

I have NO IDEA why this would happen.

Come to find out, another client who I had sent standard DVD's to, also complained that the DVD's "skipped a couple of times." She felt that they may have been scratched.

Has anyone had experience with this and know what might be causing it?

thanks... bob

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anthony davila
Re: Blu-Ray disk skips after burning from Encore
on Oct 25, 2011 at 10:05:04 am

r u burning directly to the DVD or blur-ay disk? cause if that the case try to build the image of the disk first and then proceed to record the blur-ay or DVD from the image, if that works download the latest update in for the software Ur using

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ron jones
Re: Blu-Ray disk skips after burning from Encore
on Nov 26, 2016 at 2:05:53 pm

Par, if not all of your problem is the CD Stomper label. Once you place a paper label on the DVD dick it creates an"off-balance" on the disk. Try not using the paper label. It is best to use professional DVD's, white printable 8X. You will have a lot less problem. Of course you will need to purchase a DVD printable printer. Their are several out their that ring one at a time. Just search. This will keep your hair black a lot longer, if you have any left.

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Jim Scott
Re: Blu-Ray disk skips after burning from Encore
on Oct 25, 2011 at 3:30:53 pm

Have you tried testing the disks before putting the CD Stomper label on them? I gave up using stick-on labels years ago because I found that they caused problems during playback.

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Daniel Ludwig
Re: Blu-Ray disk skips after burning from Encore
on Oct 25, 2011 at 5:41:26 pm

stickers from stompers are WORST CASE for every media.

have you ever seen what´s happening with bimetal? then you´ll know what´ll happen with your DVD- or BD-media as well and you NEVER be able to center the stickers perfectly, so you´ll allways have no flat rotation of the disc.

one more reason NOT to use stickers: they will destroy slot-in-drives as the glue starts to loosen during rotation and the sticker will get of the media after some time - dead slot-in!

all these points are the reasons why you can get printable media for a long time now.

you should work with them - and forget about stomper labels.



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Jan Janowski
Re: Blu-Ray disk skips after burning from Encore
on Dec 2, 2016 at 3:01:15 pm

Another vote for not adding labels to CD's, DVD's, or BR's.... Has caused me nothing but trouble...

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