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Encore is distorting and supersizing my footage!

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Dave Forrest
Encore is distorting and supersizing my footage!
on Jun 16, 2011 at 6:41:59 pm

Ok, so I have a folder with clips in it - the folder is about 1.65 gig total. These have been exported out of Premiere Pro CS3 using the h.264 codec - they are to be used in a DVD. It's 16:9 footage.

So, I've authored the entire DVD without a hitch but two of the clips, after being trancoded by Encore, are coming out horribly distorded - they are un-watchable. I know Encore is causing this during the transcode stage because when I right click on the clip and choose 'revert to original' the clip is fine - no distortion. And, I can view them ok in Quicktime too.

In trying to figure out what's going on with this I've noticed that the file size of each clip is more than doubling in size after the transcode too. A h.264 (mpeg4) file that starts out 45meg ends up over 100meg in size. What's that about? I didn't even think it was possible for a file to get bigger in this way. Where is the extra information coming from??

The bottom line is, my rendered h.264 clips that looks to be perfectly clear and clean, weighing in at 1.65 gig total are barely fitting onto a standard 4.7 gig DVD. So, what's going on here? Why is Encore supersizing/distorting my footage? I've had a look around in Encore and there's lots of talk of 'transcode settings' but none of it is particularly helpful.

Any help at all greatly appreciated. Particularly if it improves my knowledge of transcoding which I confess to being completely in the dark about. Perhaps someone who regularly edits their digital footage in Premier and then authors said footage in Encore could chime in with the settings they would ordinarily use?

Many thanks,


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Daniel Ludwig
Re: Encore is distorting and supersizing my footage!
on Jun 17, 2011 at 7:15:10 am

hi dave,

h264 is no part of DVD-spec. you need to export/transcode your stuff to MPEG2 SD.

as you´ve created h264, they will all betranscoded within encore to MPEG2, so you are cascading transcodes. that´s the reason why your picture-quality get lost on the one hand.

on the other hand your footage/film might be HD, but DVD is SD only, so you might be irritated by the low quality of SD as well.

another problem might be field-domionance - if you have an original interlaced HD-film the field-dominance is upper first, but SD NTSC has lower filed first, this will cause a wrong field-dominance, so you need to set a field-shift-filter.

I would advice to encode the assets prior authoring.



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