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Encore Blu Ray subtitle problem

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Erin Bohn
Encore Blu Ray subtitle problem
on Feb 25, 2011 at 4:25:55 pm

I am making a Blu Ray in encore and seem to be having a problem with the subtitles. I have version CS5. The Blu Ray has 2 subtitle tracks (english and spanish). The default is supposed to be OFF and then the subtitles can be turned on through a submenu.

But the problem is, even if I set the encore default to OFF the blu ray always plays the English subtitles automatically. I can't turn them off. I've tried it on two blu ray players and checked the setting of the blu ray players to make sure the problem is not with the player, its not.

If I go to the submenu and turn the Spanish subtitles on that works. And if I go back to English after Spanish that works too. But if I go to OFF I still can't turn them off.

The only work around I have found is to create a third subtitle track and leave it blank and set the default to play the blank subtitle track. But the client plans to have the disc replicated and we can't send it out like this!

Anyway have any ideas? Or had this problem before?

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Daniel Ludwig
Re: Encore Blu Ray subtitle problem
on Feb 25, 2011 at 6:28:42 pm

this is a bug in CS5-BD-abstraction-layer! even if you have subtitle turned OFF it would show subtitle 1 (as far as I remember).

there is an internal bugfix for that - but it not has been released - I presume they┬┤ll implement it into encore CS6.

workarround would be to put a blank sub into subtitle track 1 and allways point on it if sub should be off.



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Jon Geddes
Re: Encore Blu Ray subtitle problem
on Feb 26, 2011 at 7:38:59 pm

Danny is correct, this is a bug with CS5 that Adobe has refused to release the fix for. They have it, and have distributed it to some of their beta testers, but will not release it to the public.

Another way to fix it is to modify the Blu-ray navigation commands using BDEdit after you have exported your Blu-ray project as a folder from Encore. I would like to thank Larry Applegate for providing this fix.

Open the BDMV folder in BDEdit, and do the following:

1) First, locate all your Movie Objects for each of your videos on the disc. You can browse your streams folder and find the stream of your main videos, then locate the Playlist in BDEdit that plays those streams. Then you can locate the Movie Objects that reference those Playlists. It sounds complicated, but once you find the first one, you will easily find the others. Each Movie Object that plays one of your main movies has 19 navigation commands or so. The others will have far fewer.

2) Make the following modifications to each of the Movie Objects that play your main videos:

Change Line 3 from "GoTo Line 6" to "Goto Line 8"

Change Line 7 from "Move GPR10, 0" to "Move GPR10, 62"

Delete Line 6 "Move GPR9, 0"

Once you have made those modifications to a Movie Object, you must hit save (lower left of BDEdit) before proceeding to the next Movie Object.

If you have a Pop-up menu that changes the subtitles... you will not be able to correct the issue as the pop-up menus are muxed into the videos and cannot be remuxed with this software. To avoid this, you can just have a pop-up menu that links to a regular menu where the subtitles are changed. Another option is to call Adobe and demand they provide you the fixed Encore executable... but I don't think you will have much luck with that one.

I am working on a tutorial that should be ready by early next week.

Once your modifications are made, you can create an image using ImgBurn.

P.S. - These are PC programs. Larry Applegate has software for the Mac that can make these modifications as well.

Jon Geddes

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Jon Geddes
Re: Encore Blu Ray subtitle problem
on Mar 2, 2011 at 7:33:54 pm

We've just released a video tutorial that shows you exactly how to fix the subtitles with Blu-ray projects authored in Adobe Encore.

Jon Geddes

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