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m2ts and .264 with Encore problem

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Zvi Twersky
m2ts and .264 with Encore problem
on Dec 29, 2010 at 11:16:22 am

Ok, here's the deal... I'm talking about Blu-ray authoring.

Exported from EDIUS 5.51 via Firecoder Blu to m2ts. Demuxed it with tsMuxer to 4.1 and got video file as .264 and audio file as ac3.

Encore CS3 and CS5 accept this and start the authoring process. (Haven't tried it on CS4)

CS3 will give error before burning. Errors that I won't go into now but that are discussed at length on Adobe and Creative Cow forums.

CS5 does the job perfectly! But one issue remains that I must get resolved...
In my projects, I use one timeline and one menu with multiple chapter buttons. This is a motion menu. The chapter buttons are motion buttons and the menu background is a 30 second video playing with music.

When I used to just import CanopusHQ avi files into Encore, the transcode time of the main video in the timeline and the menu together took 12 - 14 hours. Once all was transcoded, the process of rendering the motion menus took about 3 minutes.

Now, when I import the .264 and ac3 files into a new project, it says "don't transcode", which is good. BUT.... when I press the build button to start the authoring, the rendering of the motion menu takes 4 hours!!

Something must be wrong here. Any ideas?

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Jon Geddes
Re: m2ts and .264 with Encore problem
on Dec 29, 2010 at 5:28:47 pm

If you have a scene selection page with multiple chapter buttons and animated buttons, it will take a while to render. The duration of the render will depend on your processing speed, available ram, and probably most important, your hard drive speed. You might consider having your project and adobe cache on 3 Drives in a RAID 0 configuration, as hard drive speed is a common bottleneck with Adobe applications these days now that computers are so fast.

If you have an Intel i7 920 or higher, with at least 12GB of ram and possibly an overclocked processor, your hard drive speed is likely the limiting factor. Don't even think about using an external drive for projects unless it is a RAID'ed unit (G-RAID) connected via SATA or USB3.

Jon Geddes

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