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daniel gol
desktop publishing
on Sep 3, 2010 at 12:42:53 pm


First of all, sorry about my English.
I'm still learning how to use my CS 3, and thinking about upgrading to CS5.

I want to create a project that contains 30 videos (about 35 minuets each= 17.5 hours) these videos with animation will be created in AE.

The customer will get the product On a DVD media.
However, I don't want it to be a regular DVD (with menu that links to mpeg-2 files).
The customer supposes to use it only on his computers.

I need it to work in different places in the world (PAL and NTSC) on PC and MAC. The resolution I want to use is 1280*720 (720p).

1.What is the best format that can be supported on both PC and MAC?

2.Is this format can be in 720p? and what is the best export format and settings for small file size in this quality..

3.How many DVD's I'll need for 17.5 in this quality?

4.Is there any option to create with the adobe CS an impressive main menu (with a description for every video) with links to the videos ( something that looks like a desktop publishing screen, that will auto run when you insert the dvd ).

Maybe FLV format is the best? (Does it guarantee that the customers will be able to watch it in full screen without installing any kind of a video player?)
I don't think that I will be able to export to SWF files in 1280*720….

I know the basics about ENCORE. How can I create dvd menu that links to files like flv swf wmv (the original small files without transforming them to a different format)?

Is there any simple software to create this kind of menu?

I'll appreciate any help or links to tutorials.

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Daniel Ludwig
Re: desktop publishing
on Sep 4, 2010 at 6:55:49 am

hi daniel,
I would suggest do create a DVD-ROM, not a VIDEO-DVD.

if these disc will only be played on computers you can choose to go HTML or maybe to start programming it with DIRECTOR.

on computers it doesn´t matter if you´re using PAL or NTSC-frame-rates, but if you need to create a VIDEO-DVD for international distribution you need to go NTSC. PAL-DVDs wont be played on NTSC-players but the other way arround will work.

it will be a good choice to create the video-files 2 times!

1.) mpeg4-files for mac-users
2.) wmv-files for pc-users

as most pc-users haven´t installed quicktime or itunes and most mac-users haven´t installed the wmv-playback-plugin for quicktime.

if you decide to create a DVD-ROM based on HTML you can choose FLV, too.

but be awared: a lot PCs have trouble with WMV-HD or FLV as they are real resource-consuming



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daniel gol
Re: desktop publishing
on Sep 4, 2010 at 8:47:51 pm

HI Daniel,

Thank you so much!!

About the resource-consuming problem,
do you think quicktime files is the solution? (and I will add quicktime Installation link to PC users?)
Can you suggest a format for 720p that does'nt need a lot of resources?

with DIRECTOR I think you still have to choose between PC and MAC.

again thank you!!!

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Daniel Ludwig
Re: desktop publishing
on Sep 5, 2010 at 5:44:41 am

hi again,
with director you can programm a selfcontained application for PC AND MAC.

that´s the big advantage from director for DVD-ROM-stuff.

to use 720p-m4v-quicktime-films is no good idea, because most users haven´t got administration-rights to install anything on their computers.

if you go director you need to transcode all video-files into SWF.

720p will look good at a data-rate from about 2.5Mbit-5Mbit.



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