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59.94 footage in Adobe Encore - Audio drifts out of sync

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Marc D'Amour
59.94 footage in Adobe Encore - Audio drifts out of sync
on Jul 19, 2010 at 5:19:13 am


My system and software:

Mac Pro - 8 Core with 16 Gigs RAM
Snow Leopard
Adobe Encore CS5

I have some EyeTV recordings that are from ABC. They were broadcast in 720p 59.94 with Dolby Digital Audio. They are recorded in MPG format. They look and sound great. Eye TV has MANY export options, but I want to maintain the highest level of quality and Encore will only accept MPEG or H.264 as formats for BluRay. The MPEG Stream is very clean and doesn't require transcoding so ideally this format would work. On other broadcasts from other networks like CBS that broadcast in 1080i and 29.97, I can simply import the MPEG as an asset and I have great looking video with perfectly synced audio in a 29.97 project. With the 59.94 720p footage, the audio starts out very close to synced, and then through the course of the hour long program it drifts (gets constantly worse) and even by the 2nd minute it has drifted enough that it's hard to watch. I have tried opening these MPEG files in VLC etc. and the audio is perfectly in sync. It is ONLY when imported into Encore that audio sync problems begin.

I have tried to export the footage from EYE TV in H.264 to negate the problem. It does work, but I lose both picture quality and audio is not AC3 or the raw Dolby Digital which sounds great. I've even tried importing two separate streams (audio first into the timeline like someone else on the forums suggested) and that didn't work. I've used everything from MPEG Streamclip to Handbrake to ClipWrap to Compressor to Adobe Media Encoder to try and trick Encore into taking these files without audio drift but nothing is working. I don't know if it is a setting I am overlooking in the Encore preferences panel or if this is simply an Encore bug.

I have also tried a straight 29.97 project and importing the 59.94 frame rate footage (some people have told me it's just the double of the frames so in theory it should work) but of course that hasn't worked either.

I appreciate any information anyone can toss my way. I am game for any tests or trials as I would REALLY like to get this figured out.

Thanks in advance!

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