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Creating Encore DVD/ Blu Ray from Avid Export

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Rowland Bestwina
Creating Encore DVD/ Blu Ray from Avid Export
on May 20, 2010 at 8:40:32 pm

Okay... seeking the help of all those who have gone before and succeeded! :)

I am trying to create a DVD thru Encore that I orginated in Avid. Sorenson 6 is in the mix there too. I've spoke with Avid about useful export settings to get me there with a file that Encore likes but have continuously been met with error msg upon error msg for a number of reasons... the last one was that my data rate was to high so I lowered it from 6000 to 4000. Same Error msg. There are sooo many diff avenues I have and can go down but I thought I'd bring it to the experts! Here is the process I have gone thru... plz tell me where I am going wrong.

Exporting from Avid... I've tested with same as source or QT Ref. It's an HD Project so I went with 1920/ 1080 h.264 on my last attempt. I then take it into Sorenson Sq. Version 6. I compress it with
h.264 720/ 416
2-pass VBR
1:1 Frame Rate
Target 4000 kbps

From there to Encore I go thru all the motions of getting it to verify and build... it starts doing it's thing then FAILED!

So, now what?... has anyone found a failsafe way to get these videos lookn good from Avid to Encore. My next venture is Blu Ray! Not until I get this one under my belt.

Thanks Much!

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Daniel Ludwig
Re: Creating Encore DVD/ Blu Ray from Avid Export
on May 21, 2010 at 5:25:20 am

hi rowland,
there are planty possiblities why encore could fail to built your DVD or BD.

if you would like to create such project I would recommend to export an self-contained quicktime-film out of Avid and to use the adobe media encoder CS4 or CS5, to encode your assets.

it must be elementary assets, video and audio seperated.

adobe media encoder using mainconcept-source-code, a good encoder, but less options in the settings (as the original) - easy to use.

if you will have a BD you should H264-video and AC-3-audio.

NOTE: if you need to replicate that BD you need to buy blustreak premaster to create the recommended BDCMF-Image:



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Rowland Bestwina
Re: Creating Encore DVD/ Blu Ray from Avid Export
on May 21, 2010 at 6:44:42 pm

SUCCESS! I never thought I'd see the day. But alas... there it is. I now have successfully created my first flawless DVD originating from Avid to Encore... may not seem like much to you but I'm ecstatic! :)

Ok... here is what I did.

I remember reading a post bout going thru Adobe Premiere first. Well, since my workstation is equiped with Premier Pro I did just that... first exporting my Avid 'Same as Source' HD Format Sequence... then "thru" Premiere, I created project, imported my master QT, rendered and exported, the transcoded finished QT (1920/ 1080) into Encore. Premiere does the transcoding for you knowing what Encore wants. Once there... it fit like a glove... all the usual suspects lined up in place and voila! It worked!

Now onto Blu Ray... I'll keep you posted!

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