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DVD-Master nightmare with Encore

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Johannes Schwarz
DVD-Master nightmare with Encore
on Mar 2, 2010 at 10:59:55 pm

Hey everyone, I'm losing my hair over this.

My video was done in Premiere. A lot of source footage came to me from a Betacam down-converted to mpeg2 Upper Field first. Since my own footage was all progressive, I output the whole to an mpeg2-DVD (multiplexed DVD) Upper Field first and imported it into an Encore project. I added a menu that I put together in AE and Photoshop. That is it.

My build will go into a duplication house: 7000 copies to be made

I cannot build for a DVD or DVD Master since Encore does not seem to be able to locate my Bluray/DVD Combo burner. I have no other burning software installed with the exception of ISO Recorder 3.1, which I need, because the only reasonable way I can export from Encore is to export to an ISO

First thing that bugs me about Encore is, that when making a DVD project the field order is set to Lower and grayed out, so I cannot change it, even though all my clips are upper. Maybe this is the root of all evil that follows. I don't know.

If I test the resulting DVD on the PC: all is fine
If I test the resulting DVD on an older DVD player (6 years): all is fine
If I test the resulting DVD on a newer Philipps DVD player (2 years old): it does not recognize the DVD: "No disk." This player has accepted a different DVD from one of my projects in the past (same general settings but Bottom Field first). No problems then. Now it won't play.

My trouble shoot attempts so far:
Media (several of each)

- tried both DVD+ RW and DVD-R (multiple copies of each): to no avail
Ergo: no faulty media, no problematic DVD type. Plus: it played on the other player fine.

- tried a modified project with just a timeline with a clip and no menus: No luck with the newer player
Ergo: It can't be a problem with the menu

- tried burning the ISO from a different PC: no luck on the newer player
Ergo: it is not the burning software

- tried burning the ISO of a modified version of the previous project I mentioned (don't have the exact original project that I knew worked anymore): no luck on the newer player
Ergo: it cannot be the field order issue, as the other project is Bottom Field first

- is the ISO (and the several instances I made) faulty? But then why do the DVDs play on the PC and the other DVD player.

I don't know what else to look for or what to test. I don't want to find, that half the people buying the DVD cannot watch it on their players.

It is of course possible that the newer DVD player has a problem. But it plays other DVDs (both retail and home made) just fine even though my DVD was not the only burnt disc he would not play.

I'm at a loss. If anyone has had similar nightmarish experiences and can share some thoughts I'd be really greatful.

Is it at all possilbe that the player would not play my burnt disc but he would play the fabricated dublicates from the dub-house just fine (pressed not burnt)?

Thanks for any help.

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zaral pixie
Re: DVD-Master nightmare with Encore
on Mar 30, 2010 at 12:21:13 pm

Build DVD Master: Use this option to output to digital linear tape (DLT) used for mass replication of DVDs. Creating a DVD master requires having a DLT drive connected to your computer. DLT is the preferred method for sending DVD-Video disc images to a DVD replication facility. While some replication facilities accept different formats, virtually all replication services accept a DLT Type III tape in DDP 2.0 format. Alternative formats include DLT Type IIIXT and DLT Type IV tapes. Many replication services will also accept disc images on a recorded DVD format such as DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, or DVD-RAM. Dual-layer DVD projects or projects that make use of any of the copy protection or region coding features of the DVD-Video specification must be output to DLT for replication.

maybe this will help

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minu sharma
Re: DVD-Master nightmare with Encore
on May 14, 2010 at 6:56:11 am

Hi Zaral ,

If you donot have DLT device , instead of buying one , upgrade to Encore CS5 . Encore CS5 can output project to DDP images(You can also set copy protection ) which are accepted by replication facilities. This is new feature added in CS5 .


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