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Blu-Ray Playback Stuttering Audio/Video

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Adam Tirapelle
Blu-Ray Playback Stuttering Audio/Video
on May 22, 2009 at 6:32:51 pm

I've been reading through the Cow threads for the past several days looking for someone having the same issue, but haven't come across it. I'm sure someone is.

I've burned a Blu-Ray disc according to the workaround provided by Danny Daneau at (also posted on the Cow). If you follow the directions EXACTLY, It works great! Toast 10 muxes and burns the disc without trying to re-encode the Compressor encoded video/audio.

Now, I've tried the finished video on DVD-R and BD-R on two different players - the Samsung BD-P1400 and the Samsung BD-P2500.

1. DVD-R: On the BD-P1400, the disc starts off playing smoothly but after 10 seconds or so, starts to stutter on the audio and then the video, almost "choking" like it's getting too much information to handle. The video continues to play, but without audio. If you hit 'stop' on the player and then restart, it will go along again normally for a few seconds before "choking" again. Again, the video continues to play, but without audio. On the BD-P2500, the DVD-R disc wouldn't even be recognized. Can't even load.

2. BD-R: On the BD-P1400, the disc did the same thing. Starts, then "chokes" and plays without audio. However, on the BD-P2500, the disc played flawlessly!

This last part is what leads me to believe it's the older player, the BD-P1400. But I wanted to be sure. I was wondering if by using a more professional authoring program, instead of Toast 10, I could get more consistent playback across players. Would Adobe Encore, or even something higher end like NetBlender DoStudio make a difference whereby the discs would play more consistently? Is it the burning process that introduces more variability, as opposed to the replication process of commercial products? Or, is it the encoding process that's more responsible? Would MainConcept Reference codecs, Sonic Cinevision, or Inlet Technologies Fathom eliminate these probelms?

I'm just assuming that the same project, cut in Final Cut, encoded in Compressor, and burned in a higher end authoring software might make the disc play back perfectly on the older Samsung BD-P1400. Or possibly removing Compressor, and adding a higher end encoding software. Any thoughts or experience here? Thanks for taking the time to read and answer.

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Joe Bowden
Re: Blu-Ray Playback Stuttering Audio/Video
on May 22, 2009 at 9:09:41 pm

Many Blu-ray players just won't play BDMV that is written to DVD media - different lasers and all. Maybe they will in the future if provided with the capability in a later firmware update, I don't know. With the price of BD recordable discs down to $3 and change, it's probably not as compelling to have short-form BDMV on DVD recordable as it was when BD recordables were $20 and up.

And don't get me going about Samsung Blu-ray players - their early models were complete junk, IMHO. Sometimes firmware updates to the players correct bugs in the players, but similar problems have been reported with burned BD from Encore, Sonic, and other authoring systems on Samsung and other players...which is to say, I don't think it's an authoring problem you're seeing, but a player/firmware problem. Take your disc to a BestBuy and check it on a few different Blu-ray players, such as Sony or Panasonic.

Which is all to say that Blu-ray authoring is still in its early days. Similar stories can be found back in the days of DVD authoring's first steps.

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Adam Tirapelle
Re: Blu-Ray Playback Stuttering Audio/Video
on May 26, 2009 at 3:37:11 pm

Thanks Joe. That's kind of what I had figured. Blu-Ray is just too new still to expect consistency across players.

One question: where are you getting your Blu-Ray blank media? I'm looking for a good shop with low cost Blu-Ray discs.

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Denny Breitenfeld
Re: Blu-Ray Playback Stuttering Audio/Video
on May 29, 2009 at 2:09:19 am

Hi Adam,

The one good news that I can provide you with the inconstancies you are seeing in the BD Players, is that an older player like the 1400 can have a firmware update to make it play the disc in the same way as the new 2500 does.

Here is a great spot for firmware updates:

I can also tell you that we keep up with the new players out there and are constantly testing DoStudio on the latest players, sometimes before they are even released. The 1400 and the 2500 will perform the same when using DoStudio, the load time might be different but when loaded you won't notice a difference.


Denny B.

Expert Series for Blu-ray at the NetBlender NAB Suite

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