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complete novice, write Image File. no menues created

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Cecilie Lydersen
complete novice, write Image File. no menues created
on May 18, 2009 at 8:59:47 pm

Very soon I'll be tearing all my hair out...Decided to give this forum for Encore a try first through;)

I started out a complete novice with Adobe Premier CS3. After having Googled (a lot!), posted questions on the Adobe Premier forum of and done quite a lot of testing and failing I've now managed to export my Premier project into two separate files ( .m2v and .ac3 ).

I was so happy finaly having been able to do this. All I had to do now (I thought) was to create an image-file (.iso) to be read by DVD-players. I haven't read up on Encore quite as much yet, hoping for some (leading) answers in this forum first. I chose imagefile as the video I've made should be copied to several DVDs afterwards (it's a video taken on holiday when I was a child..nothing illegal ;) )

I imported my two files "as timeline" (no idea why, it just seemed logical..) I then checked the project (ctrl+shift+L) and figured I had to set "Title remote" and "End title". Also edited aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9. Might have done a few other changes as well which I can't remember at the moment.

First time I did this it gave me an errormsg saying:
"PGC "untitled timeline" has an error at 00:26:27:13. Internal software error: %0, line Untitled Timeline - PGC Info: name = Untitled Timeline, ref = Bpgc, time= = 00:26:27:13

Scrolling on the timeline I could see there was an unclear picture for about half a second. (The kind of disturbance you'd get in the beginning on an old videotape). This is something I haven't noticed when editing and pasting videos together in Premier.
I opened the original project in Premier, cut away the dodgy seconds and started exporting the project over again. This takes about 4 hours...

On the second try, the same thing happened! Only this time it said that the error was at 57min-something. Scrolling to this part, it has the same unclear picture.

Is there any way of making Encore ignore these kind of mistakes? I am so tired of having to export my Premier-project to .m2v and .ac3-files (having to leave them overnight), and then being warned about these errors when I am ready to create my DVD-image.

Please help :) Anyting else I need to adjust in Encore for my video to be able to play on a DVD-player (even those not supporting xVid-format)?

Hoping for positive feedback from the experts on this forum :D

P.S: Sorry about the essay, I just want you to know in details what I've tried to do so that you can get me on the right track right away. :)

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