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Menus, Menu Templates, Dual Layer breaks.

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William McQueen
Menus, Menu Templates, Dual Layer breaks.
on Jul 6, 2008 at 11:57:32 am

Terribly frustrated. I'm attempting to complete a project requiring a dual layer I had hoped to finish at the end of May, but was unable to for various personal and learning-curve reasons. The PPCS3 edit has been finished for ages, and played out to AVI DV. Want a dual layer diskette media, not DLT. (I have Ridata DVD+R DL)

I originally purchased Premiere Pro CS3 to only edit, and am a newbie to Encore DVD, and have only now begun to explore ENCORE CS3, trying to learn and not bother too many folks with obtuse questions. (I use Windos XPpro.)

I updated Encore with encore_3.0.1_update.exe when someone mentioned it was available, but I didn't add-in Library contents of
as I hadn't started using Encore. Yesterday, I did add in this component, but don't seem to have access to any of the pre-existing templates. I did set the location of the library contents in preferences, to the location where it was loaded.

Earlier, I had created a contents menu as a PSD, & as a single layer within Photoshop (on a background), with five menu text statements on that layer - don't want visuals, just text. After fumbling around, I note that the PSD text I created is all on one layer - i.e. all 5 text statements on one layer. I cannot distinguish between creating a menu in Photoshop and in Encore.

Thus there is a PSD title page (i.e like a title page in a book - no audio, static) and the second page with text options for menu selections.

I would have tried a preexisting "button", but as I say, those templates are not available.

If I can get the menu structure to work, I will still have the need to determine where the layer break should occur, and how to do that - best ways, etc.

The transcoded clips in timelines are:

Sequence A 6;50
Sequence 1 49;22
Sequence 2 37;16 -- 94 minutes
Sequence 3 56
Sequence 4 17 -- 74 minutes

Perhaps I should/could have set the bit quality differently to achieve better images in transcoding, but it seems to me as it now stands, the second layer should start with Sequence 3.

I'm a little nervous to reinstall the programme too many times, as that could corrupt the registry with too many retries, but thought I would ask these questions as a starting point.

Perhaps it would be better to start over from the beginning, although the transcoding could take some period of time.

Thanks for your patience, and your collective knowledge.

Bill in Toronto

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William McQueen
Solutions Found & Advice Sought
on Jul 7, 2008 at 5:02:39 pm

I created my own (2) menus successfully - at least according to the "Build" tab "Check Project" ifo provided. I found in some cases where the video was quite long, and I had had the video fade to black, I needed to add an additional Chapter at the end. I also notice that the chapter "tabs" in some cases changed colour. I haven't figured that out yet.

The advice I seek is regard to layer breaks.

1. I have set the Disk Size to 8.54 - and it says there is 3.84GB free

Question: Does this offer an opportunity to res up the video?

2. In the same Disk Info box, the instructions are to select "automatic" or "manual" That seems to be straight forward, after reading the help section "Specify a layer break for dual-layer DVDs.

However, I can't find any diagramme in regard to the following:

Under the size designation (8.54GB) there is a designated choice between Side One and Side Two.

Since the break is between side one and side two:

Question: Do I choose Side One or choose Side Two?

I can't find a reference, or don't know how to interpret:

Encore creates the layer break (also called layer transition) between timelines or menus, making a smooth transition (since it jumps layers at a point where no content is playing)

Question: Does this mean selecting the layer from which the break occurs, or the layer that it jumps to (eg. 2).

Thanks for your collective wisdom and understanding.

Bill in Toronto

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