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Corrupt Menu Problem!

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Derek Hader
Corrupt Menu Problem!
on Apr 25, 2008 at 12:45:21 am


I've built a complex (4:3 NTSC) menu system in EnCS3. I'm ready to build my DVD, but I have a phantom Menu problem.

All of my menus I built in PS. When I go to build the DVD or check project, it either crashes, or gives me the error "That menu is corrupt. Please delete it from the project".

A (16:9) preset menu then appears in my Menus list, but not in my project folder. I try to delete it from the Menus list, but there is no reaction, and it does not go away. It also appears as files in my sources folder. I delete it there too, but it still doesn't work.

I've deleted it from my sources folder, and then re-saved the project under a new name... same problem re-appears.

I've re-booted my system. I've done anything I can think of beside re-installing the program, or starting again from scratch. The latter option is extremely unappealing considering how long it took me to knit together this complex DVD already.

PLease Help!!


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Gary Angle
Re: Corrupt Menu Problem!
on Jun 19, 2008 at 9:40:57 pm

I have a similar problem with the phantome Menu, not the crashing or hanging.

I just posted my problem today: 6_19_08. This appears to be a bug rather than a negative feature!

Here's my post:
I have a project that has a Menu that was accidentally added from the standard menu library. How I don't know...

It appears in the Menu Tab but not the Project Tab! In the Menu Tab I can delete any other menu except this one!

When I Check Project it shows up as Orphaned Menu!!

I can Edit in Pshop then track it to its Source Folder and delete it there but it comes right back as a place holder when I Check Project again!

Apart from the 'END OF FILE' ERROR that has no solution, this is the 2nd annoying problem with Encore!

I like having a Check Project but what about the other finicky problems that Encore throws up without a clue to a solution?
I hope someone asnwers our posts. I placed mine on the Adobe Encore Forum also...


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Tony Zaragoza
Re: Corrupt Menu Problem!
on Sep 16, 2008 at 4:48:04 am

"That menu is corrupt. Please delete from the project"

That's what I get when I try to do a Build and click on Check Project. But there is NO menu showing up in the list!!! I'm trying to make a DVD folder. Finished the tutoril book and training videos, and NOW I can't produce a DVD folder?

My first project! Ugh!

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Jeff Bellune
Re: Corrupt Menu Problem!
on Sep 16, 2008 at 11:54:57 am

The only thing short of rebuilding your project from scratch is to try to manually delete any remnants of the menu from your project's SourcesMenus folder. And any folders inside of the Sources folder that have that menu's name can be deleted as well.

You could probably get away with deleting the whole Caches folder, but any audio that needs conforming would have to be re-conformed.

Be aware that selectively deleting things in your project folder may make your project permanently un-build-able. Then you'd have to redo it from scratch. But since you may have to that anyway, even if you don't try deleting items from the project folder, it may be worth a try.

Word to the wise: the more planning you do outside of Encore, and the less experimenting you do inside of Encore, will make your authoring life much easier.


The Focal Easy Guide to Adobe Encore DVD 2.0

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Tony Zaragoza
Re: Corrupt Menu Problem!
on Sep 16, 2008 at 6:28:38 pm

I'll try it this afternoon.

Meanwhile, here's futher info for the mystery:

I have 3 video clips: an mpg, wmv, and avi. the last two wer not transcoded before clicking 'build'.

I opened a new project. I used the mpg file ONLY and used the same menu in question. I make 1 button link to the 1 timeline, chapter 1.

I set the end action of the timeline to return to the 1 menu.

I clicked Build. It worked!!!!!

So, is it the video files causing the menu error if the menu I used works in another, yet super-simple, project?

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